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Waterfall D-Mannose® Tablets
Waterfall D-Mannose®
50 x 1000mg Tablets
UTI Test 5V® - Urine Test Strips
UTI Test 5V®
50 Urine Test Strips
Waterfall D-Mannose® Powder Flat Packs
D-Mannose Lemon™
50g Powder Flat Pack
Waterfall D-Mannose® Powder - Letterbox Friendly Flat Packs
Waterfall D-Mannose®
50g Powder Flat Pack
Xylotene® Powder - Letterbox friendly Flat Pack
100g Powder Flat Pack
Diabetrose® 60 x 800mg Tablets
60 x 800mg Tablets
Wild Oregano Oil C80® 25ml
Oregano Oil C80®
25ml Bottle & Pipette
Xylotene® Powder Tub
100g Powder Tub
Waterfall D-Mannose® Powder - Letterbox friendly Flat Packs
D-Mannose Lemon™
50g Powder Tub

Waterfall D-Mannose

For cystitis, UTI’s and bladder health.

Sweet Cures was founded in York UK in 2003 and in the exciting and busy years since we have met thousands upon thousands of customers, many of whom are now firm friends. We have forged abiding relationships with Chemists, Health Care Providers, Clinics, Hospitals, Vets, Health shops and Practitioners in the UK, Europe and beyond who share our vision of ethical business, safe products and customer care.

The Sweet Cures philosophy is to First Do No Harm. We support natural healing with integrity and it shows in all we do. From our working environment to our production and manufacturing processes. Every step from production to safe packaging is controlled by Sweet Cures UK). Last, but not least, it shows in the unrivalled customer support we offer through email and by phone.

Our flagship product Waterfall D Mannose® is a naturally occurring simple sugar that customers find is a safe, practical alternative for the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Clinical research shows that D'Mannose provides a way to avoid bacterial resistance (a downside of excessive antibiotic therapy). Waterfall D Mannose doesn’t have side-effects and can prevent re-occurrence of the infection when taken as a maintenance product daily and or used around common triggers.

Waterfall D-Mannose Customer Review & Info Trailer

Sweet Cures delivers...

A brand that is trusted worldwide, Sweet Cures products are exported to clinics, pharmacies, health shops and private customers throughout the world. See our full range of products here.

We continue to offer what our customers tell us they want: totally pure, effective products in safe, biodegradable packaging, delivered promptly with genuine customer support available by phone or email.

Our Customers trust our standards:

  • Expertise in blending mannose for maximum effectiveness.
  • Expertise in glyconutrients and their uses.
  • Unrivalled Service and Genuine Customer Care. See our customer feedback.
  • Supportive, experienced staff, easily accessed by phone or email.
  • Expert Knowledge. View our extensive research articles.
  • Same Day Shipping. Monday to Friday until 5:30pm.
  • The highest Food Standard Certification in Hygiene and 100% Contaminant free products.
  • Tablets are made through pressure without harmful binders and fillers. The Waterfall D-Mannose stamp on every tablet is your guarantee of purity.
  • Cleanroom facilities.
  • Genuine commitment to customer health and well being.

Sweet Cures Products

Sweet Cures offers effective and safe supplements that are used for a range of conditions. You can find out more about our products by clicking the links below.

  • Waterfall D-Mannose is used for cystitis and for supporting a healthy Bladder for life.
  • Probiotic Blend for gut balance after illness or antibiotic therapy or for addressing systemic thrush.
  • UTI Test 5V® Urine Test Strips come with 5 dedicated indicators. Test for five essential elements in the urine: Nitrites, pH, blood, protein, and leukocytes.
  • High Energy D-Ribose for a healthy heart and higher energy levels. Made with the purest D-Ribose available.
  • Wild Oregano Oil C80 is a powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Often used against complex infections such as flu, candida overgrowth, athletes foot etc.
  • Diabetrose is an effective and safe approach to weight management through the simple supplementation of pure L Arabinose. A little before meals high in carbohydrates is all it takes.
  • Xylotene is chemical free, unprocessed, naturally fermented D-Xylose and Xylitol as found in Nature. Supporting healthy teeth, gums, bones, collagen production and has been shown to reduce instances of middle ear infection in children when taken prophylactically.

Our products can be obtained from a number of good, independent health food shops, and alternative health clinics, both in the UK and abroad. Please see our Stockists page.

However, we continue to supply directly to the public and offer fast delivery alongside unbeatable customer service. Sweet Cures products are carefully prepared and despatched from our premises here in York by a dedicated team who are proud to be associated with these wonderful products.

Latest Blog Articles

Cranberry Juice prevention for cystitis?

Cranberry Juice May Not Prevent Cystitis

One of the first well intentioned pieces of advice that is passed on to women who develop UTIs is that cranberry juice helps cystitis. According to a study published in the January 2011 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases, this is unfortunately not the case.

Cystitis Relief

Cystitis Relief

Getting diagnosed with cystitis can be frightening, because of all the unknown factors involved, but it has to be remembered that ‘cystitis’ is just a name for a group of symptoms that usually start because of a urinary tract infection.

Cystitis Symptoms

Cystitis Symptoms

The “itis” in Cystitis literally means inflammation, and in this case inflammation of the bladder; its usual cause is a urine infection.

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Waterfall D-Mannose Tablets
Waterfall DMannose
50 x 1000mg Tablets


UTI Test 5V - 50 x Urine Test Strips
UTI Test 5V
50 x Urine Test Strips


Probiotic Blend - 60 Capsules
Probiotic Blend
60 Capsules