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100g Powder Flat Pack

Xylotene ® Powder Sachets

Xylotene is an extraordinarily beneficial product.

Widely used against osteoporosis and joint problems, as well as gum disease, sore throats, mouth ulcers, sensitive teeth and streptococcal infections in the Mouth, Throat, and Bladder.

Xylotene aids tissue repair by facilitating collagen production. Taken long-term, at a level of as little as a teaspoon per day, these essential sugars assist in building strong bones by reversing the leaching of calcium.


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Product Information

Suitable for Vegetarians

Gluten Free

Pure D-Xylose with added Xylitol

All Packaging Recyclable

SKU: 5060086380033

Weight: 100g Powder

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How to use Xylotene

Xylotene is a pleasant, easy to use mouthwash and gargle (that you can then swallow), which helps maintain healthy teeth, gums, joints and bones.

Dissolve a small spoonful in a little water, or take dry. Rinse for one minute, spit or (preferably) swallow. Can be used directly on sore areas such as mouth ulcers when relief is achieved very quickly.

  • Teeth and Gums: dissolve a teaspoonful in 50mls water, rinse for one minute, spit or swallow.
  • Mouth Ulcers: put directly on mouth ulcers three to four times a day.
  • Bladder infections (Streptococcal): take up to 4 times a day (a level teaspoon). Support bladder health by rinsing mouth before oral sex. Use as gargle.
  • Bone health: 1-2 teaspoons daily, as required, in tea, juice etc.
  • Middle Ear Infection Prophylaxis: 1 heaped teaspoon a day, in water, tea, juice etc.
  • General well-being: 1 teaspoon a day, in tea, juice etc.
  • Collagen: 1-2 teaspoons daily

Suggested maximum for bacterial infections - 4 level teaspoons. Safe for long-term use. Diabetics should monitor blood sugar levels.

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Just as getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals is important for good health. Each has properties that may affect something in particular, like mucous membranes, hair and nails. The nutrient sugars Xylose and Xylitol are specifically active in some particular ways. A lot of things may go wrong with our bodies when we lack these nutrient sugars.

For example, deficiencies in our modern diet cause tooth decay, mouth ulcers, and loss of bone density, especially in older age. That's why great apes in the wild rarely suffer from these problems - their tooth enamel is not much thicker or harder than our own. Put them in captivity and they end up getting tooth cavities, mouth ulcers, and bone and joint problems just like us.

Whilst both xylose and xylitol have their own interesting and beneficial properties, when you take both together in Xylotene it greatly increases the bio-availability of both sugars. This is probably because they are not found in isolated form in the wild, so it is easier for our bodies to use the combination.

Xylotene , therefore, has a lot of benefits, but of particular interest is the way it works to help maintain oral health when you need fast support for your teeth or gums. People have called it 'Remarkable; Amazing; and 'The only thing that helped'.

A recent NIH study on Xylitol also revealed the prophylactic benefits in young children, showing that Xylitol "significantly reduces the incidence of Acute Otitis Media", or middle ear infection.

Dealing with oral problems, Xylotene works in three complementary ways:

  1. It clears out the bacteria that live in the mouth, without killing them. They just vacate the premises, attached to the Xylotene molecules, when you swallow. They are then harmlessly digested. With regular use, just clearing away these bacteria should eliminate virtually ALL the problems that these bacteria cause, from bad breath and dental plaque to tooth decay.
  2. Both the major ingredients of Xylotene form complexes with calcium that is thought to contribute to the remineralisation of tooth enamel and minor tooth lesions. When you use Xylotene as a mouthwash it causes the calcium phosphate present in saliva to do its natural job of tooth remineralisation, covering exposed dentine with fresh enamel, getting rid of sensitive teeth problems in short order. In as little as an hour, you can begin to feel a major difference. Nothing else works this fast.
  3. When you swallow the Xylotene , it goes to work in your body, helping to facilitate the absorption of calcium from your food, which again helps to contribute to strong healthy teeth. The more calcium available in your system, the more is in your saliva to be deposited for tooth remineralisation. This also works rapidly, and the saliva calcium content should begin to rise within an hour.

Incidentally, and highly connected to this process, Xylotene is thought to be useful in combating osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Xylose is a an important glycocomponent of chondroitin sulfate, directly utilized in forming cartilage, and together with its ability to make more calcium available for the bones, it addresses the two major factors in arthritis-associated bone and cartilage problems. It is also believed to help to increase bone density with regular use.

As a food supplement for helping arthritis and osteoporosis, a level teaspoon of Xylotene can be taken 1- 4 times a day. You can put it in a drink - it is sweeter than Sucrose, but has only 40% of the calorific effect. You can even use it to make jam. You may have to take it long-term, and it's not going to have a sudden dramatic effect most of the time, but with regular use it should prevent further deterioration. In a year, that can make a major difference to the quality of life for sufferers.


Xylotene with added Xylitol. Nothing else. No artificial colourings, chemical residues, flavourings, or preservatives.

Sweet Cures Xylotene is a pure and naturally acquired combination of the essential glyconutrient d-xylose, and its derivative, xylitol. From our perspective, it is part of our range of sugars that heal and is produced with absolute care (slow fermentation and processing) to win its certification as 100% contaminant free.


No nuts, but cannot guarantee nut free. Always consult a doctor if you have a health problem or considering taking any supplement with prescription drugs. Diabetics should monitor blood sugar levels.

Do not use for pets.

Do not use for children below the age of 12.

Always replace the lid tightly.

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Further Reading

NIH study: Xylitol in Young Children
"Xylitol significantly reduces the incidence of acute otitis media."

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