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Why we care is a Sweet Cures® website, run by Anna Sawkins. Anna had repeated episodes of cystitis, and before we found D-Mannose, she had been badly damaged by antibiotics.

So we know what you are going through, and we've suffered the same thing ourselves - the doctors' attitudes (both good and bad) and the side effects and problems caused by antibiotics.

We now know there is a much more effective way to deal with cystitis and UTIs. It is our mission to help prevent others being damaged by antibiotics, and to bring a swift release from the pain and distress that these damaging ilnesses cause. That's why we sell only a top quality natural product. And we do use it ourselves, after all.

We receive heartwarming letters and email from customers almost every day telling us about the relief that D-Mannose has brought to their lives. We work hard, you know, but that's one of the things that makes it all worthwhile.

We also have learned a lot from our customers. What works and what doesn't. How different people react to different problems. What's the best way to take D-Mannose depending on particular situations like catheterisation, long term 'interstitial' cystitis, particular disabilities, and when infected with other bugs as well as E.Coli. If there is anything you'd like to discuss we are always willing to talk, and we are usually available. If you don't get an answer, please leave a message. The phone is very busy these days. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Kindest regards,

Anna, Sweet Cures Founder and Owner

Anna's story
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Anna's story

Anna’s Story

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UTI Test 5V - 50 x Urine Test Strips
UTI Test 5V
50 x Urine Test Strips


Xylotene Powder Tub
100g Powder Tub


Waterfall D-Mannose Tablets
Waterfall DMannose
50 x 1000mg Tablets