Terms and Conditions

The Contract between Sweet Cures® and Direct or Indirect Customers

By ordering or using any Sweet Cures product, in any way, you are agreeing to the following :

(i) For the purposes of this contract, 'we' (with or without the quotes) means Sweet Cures , Waterfall-D-Mannose.com, our other Sweet Cures websites, and their Partners, Affiliates, and Employees.

(ii) For the purposes of this contract, 'you' (with or without the quotes) means you, your company, its directors, partners, subsidiaries and parents, its contractors and/or licensees, your employers, associates, agents and employees, customers, any other third party, or other person or institution in any way connected with you.

(iii) These terms and conditions are necessary to ensure that we are always here to bring you sweet relief. If you disagree with any of the terms, you should not order any Sweet Cures product, or if you have already ordered product/s, or if it has been delivered to you by a third party, you should return it unopened for a full refund.

(iv) If any of the terms of this contract are confusing to you, you should contact Sweet Cures in writing or by email to clarify the confusion before you purchase any of our products.

Natural Products

Sweet Cures products are innocuous, natural, and non-GMO. We give you the responsibility of ensuring that it is safe for you to take any of our products if you have any particular allergies or medical conditions, are pregnant, or are taking medication, prescription or otherwise. It is recommended that you consult a medical professional before changing any medical regime or taking any new supplement.

No Claim Basis of Sale

We supply our products on a no-claim basis, which means that you agree never to make or institute a legal or civil claim or other adverse action against us, either in person or through another company, institution, service, or agency working on your behalf. With this in mind you agree to hold us harmless from, and reimburse us the full costs of, any liability, loss, cost, damage or expense, including legal fees, as a result of any claims or actions which may be made or taken by you, your employers, agents and employees, customers, or any associated third parties, that arise out of or result from the extraction, delivery, actual or alleged ownership, use, or possession of any Sweet Cures product, whether such claims are based on negligence, breach of contract, absolute liability or any other legal theory.

No Derivation or Reselling Under Another Name

You agree never to resell any Sweet Cures product under another name or as an ingredient in another product unless we agree in writing beforehand, and you further agree never to examine any Sweet Cures product with the purpose of intellectual derivation, or of copying the product or packaging or methods of any Sweet Cures product, or to make similar variations or derivations thereof, or to licence such a product to others, with the penalty that all product produced and all profit from any sales in breach of this agreement automatically becomes the property of Sweet Cures , without limit of time, even if there has been communication between us meanwhile. If it becomes apparent that you have breached this contract, your business records, intellectual property information, and all records of trials or deals that could have been made between the period of you obtaining any Sweet Cures product, and our date of discovery of the trials or deals, shall be made available for inspection within seven days of us requesting them, the costs of such inspection and all costs in our defending our product being borne by you.

If you order any Sweet Cures product from us and 'you' [see (ii) above] subsequently bring out a product that uses d-mannose as a product that supports bladder health or similar, or as an ingredient in another product, you accept that we are hereby entitled to consider that product an intellectual derivative of the related Sweet Cures product.

Clinical Trials

Clinical or other medical trials of any Sweet Cures product are welcome. However, all clinical trials must be done with our written co-operation, since the knowledge of how to use our products in different situations is essential to the success of any trials. In breach of this, all clinical trials information concerning any Sweet Cures product or derivation thereof, becomes the absolute property of Sweet Cures and must be delivered in whole within seven working days of a written request for delivery reaching you. If it becomes apparent that you have breached this contract, your business records shall be made available for inspection within seven days of us requesting them, the costs of such inspection and any subsequent action we may take against you, being borne by you.

Third Party Supply

If you supply any Sweet Cures product to a third party, you must make that third party agree to this contract. In breach of this, you accept full responsibility under all the terms of this contract, for the actions of the third party as if you were the third party.

Privacy and Credit Card Details Policy

Sweet Cures does not, will not, and cannot store your credit card details. Also, we will never pass on information about you to anyone else without your express permission, unless you are in breach of this contract and we need to take legal action. We may use information you give us in our literature and/or website. If we do so we will protect your privacy.

Website information

While we take care to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate and up-to-date, Sweet Cures gives you no promises, representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of any information on the site.

Product usage

All pain, discomfort, or illness that you suffer should be properly investigated by a medical doctor. We issue guidelines in good faith and to the best of our knowledge only. You are alone responsible for your dosage and usage of any Sweet Cures product. Any Sweet Cures product should be used only as suggested, and not burned, abused, inhaled, or inserted into any body cavity. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Dispose of any unwanted goods with environmental awareness. Nothing on any Sweet Cures website or information or product label is meant to indicate that you should ignore medical advice, even if that advice contradicts the advice given on this website, or on any Sweet Cures website, or by telephone or by email, or on any product leaflet or label. If you ignore medical advice, you do so at your own risk. If you do something such as breaking off a course of treatment as a result of reading any advice or information on this or any other Sweet Cures or any linked website, or other Sweet Cures literature, that is your responsibility.


You agree to pay for the product that you have ordered, and any special carriage charges that we have agreed between us, unless we have exempted you in writing, or have sent you a free sample.


This and any other Sweet Cures website may link to other websites not controlled by us. All information we provide is given in good faith, but our websites and those we link to may not always hold the most up-to-date or accurate information.

Ordering from outside the UK

It is your responsibility to ensure that you can legally import Sweet Cures products into your country/state. If you live outside the EEC, you may be subject to import duties and taxes that are assessed and levied when your order reaches your country. These can be substantial in some places - particularly Africa and Mexico. You may also be liable for Customs clearance or other fees. You are responsible for any such charges. Goods may also be opened, inspected, and possibly damaged in the process by Customs. It's rare for this to happen, but if this happens, we cannot accept returns. In Russia, alternative remedies can only be imported if the proper paperwork and medical notes, passport copies etc are supplied to us beforehand. For further information, contact the Customs Office in your local area.

Refund policy

Refunds for any reason will be made at our discretion according to the circumstances involved. We are not tough about this. If you are not happy, neither are we.

Use of Sweet Cures Published Information

You may use any of the text of any Sweet Cures website or literature only if there is a full visible hyperlink (in the same size text as the rest of your main text) to our website on every page where you have quoted us that opens either in the same page or in a new page that opens on top of your website, and is not a pop-up window. In the case of printed literature a printed hyperlink to our website or our physical address and telephone number is sufficient.

Updating Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may change at any time. You agree that any changes that we make to these terms and conditions will apply to you, even if the changes take place after you order or receive a supply of any Sweet Cures product, whether or not you are notified of such changes. It is your responsibility to periodically revisit this page and bring yourself up to date with our terms and conditions.

This is a Contract!

These terms and conditions form a contract between us, and are to be interpreted according to English Law. You specifically exempt Sweet Cures and its Partners and Employees from any law or ruling, local or otherwise, that would have the effect of invalidating any portion of this contract. Nevertheless, if any part of this contract is ruled to be invalid in a court of law, the remainder of the contract will remain legally binding.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) / Third Party Agreements / Exclusivity Contracts

Exclusivity contracts are already in place for Amazon's 'Fulfilled by Amazon' service in the UK and exclusivity contracts are also in place for other countries / regions.

Buyers must not commit to fulfilled by Amazon arrangements in the UK and to discuss any other third-party terms and / or the countries / regions outside of the UK that the Buyer is intending to sell to with Sweet Cures.

The seller retains the rights to remove buyers from any third-party agreements, without notice - wherever a pre-existing exclusivity contract is not in place between the seller and the buyer. Costs incurred from exiting third party site contracts and / or any other incurred payments, where the buyer has no agreement with us are the responsibility of the buyer.

Exclusivity contracts are subject to a yearly review and renewal process. Buyers with existing exclusivity contracts will be given 30 days notice of any changes to the contract.

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