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Information and Research

Sitting down in armchair with a warm cup of d-mannose tea.
In tablet or powder form, figuring out the correct dosage can take time. Anna advises on how to find the ideal dose for your personal situation.
Woman in pain holding stomach.
Cystitis Symptoms in men, women and children. Risk factors, symptoms, treatment options and list of related conditions with similar symptoms.
Woman in contemplation.
Interstitial Cystitis is a name given to describe the and bladder pain that some people experience on an ongoing basis.
Preganant woman at Doctor's office
D-Mannose may have adverse effects on a small portion of the population with pre-existing conditions or allergies. How can you reduce any risk?
Mother and child on water slide.
Travel poses unique challenges for IC patients. There's no reason to let Interstitial Cystitis spoil your holiday. Are you prepared?
Woman braving the cold, snowy weather.
Why does cystitis strike more often in the winter? Could staying warm and well hydrated reduce your risk?
Five bottles of home made olive oil with spices.
Oregano oil has a remarkable ability to heal even the most stubborn infections. Learn about the practical uses of this essential oil.
Stack of pure d-mannose powder
Overview of D-Mannose, what it is and how it's used. A naturally occurring sugar gaining mainstream popularity amongst women with UTI.
Artistic impression of bacteria.
What are the dangers of Antimicrobial resistance, are there any alternatives? Browse an extensive list of reported risks and side-effects.
Test tubes containing urine and blood samples.
Is there a link between common bladder infections and bladder cancer? Experts warn women to take symptoms of UTI more seriously.
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Medical text defining the meaning of Candidiasis.
A fungus that lives naturally in our bodies, aided by antibiotics killing off the good bacteria that keep it under control. Learn to identify the symptoms.
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Antibiotics on a stack of Euro bills.
The cost of allopathic treatment may play a role in your Doctor's decision making process. Could naturopathy be a better alternative?
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Labaratory professor peering into microscope.
Frustrated by failing antibiotics, Anna found a treatment that worked for her recurring bouts of Cystitis. What is the theory behind D'Mannose?
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Fresh fruit and vegeatables.
Can the symptoms of Cystitis be eased with herbs and spices containing natural anti-inflammatory properties? Try some of these home remedies.
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Two labrador puppies, tan and black.
Five sure fire ways to minimise UTI and Bladder Infection in Pets, and prevent reoccurrence.
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Two wooden bowls of fresh cranberries on a kitchen board.
Contrary to popular belief, does Cranberry actually intensify the symptoms of Cystitis?
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British Shorthair Cat cuddling up to a Golden Retriever.
Identifying Urinary Tract Disease in felines, and treating naturually when antibiotics fail.
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Surgeons washing hands.
Recurring Cystitis Infections are often triggered by dormant E.Coli reactivating. Recognising Interstitial Cystitis and breaking the cycle.
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Artistic impression of E.Coli with fimbrial hairs.
Escherichia Coli is an acid-tolerant bacterium that is uniquely adapted to survive in the human body and can quickly mutate to resist antibiotics.
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Fresh fruit and vegetables.
Finding the right balance between acidic and alkaline urine can have significant health benefits. Foods that will change the pH of your urine.
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Senior couple sailing.
UTI & Cystitis prevalence is lower amongst men than women, however the male anatomy poses unique risks. Is D'Mannose an effective treatment for males?
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Couple embracing on beach.
Practising proper sexual hygiene and taking prophylactic doses of D'Mannose can help you and your partner return to a normal sex life.
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Senior couple researching cystitis online.
Differentiating between STDs and Urinary Infections can be difficult. Here we list the common symptoms, for the most common conditions.
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Large hospital sign at front of a modern hospital.
Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases are enzymes produced by bacteria, contribute to the rise of antibiotic resistance.
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Young woman laying in bed with expression of concern.
A complication of our best tips for preventing & fighting UTI & Cystitis.
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Natural homemade toothpaste and toothbrush.
How to make safe and effective toothpaste at home, without triclosan, sodium lauryl sulphate and fluoride.
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Diuretic pills and capsules.
Diuretics can pose serious health risks. How do they work, what are the interaction, and alternatives?

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Waterfall D-Mannose
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UTI Tests - 50 x Urine Test Strips
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Probiotic Blend
60 Capsules


Wild Oregano Oil 25ml Pipette Bottle
Wild Oregano Oil
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D-Mannose for Pets
D-Mannose for Pets
50g Powder Tub


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