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Probiotic Blend - 60 Probiotic Capsules

Probiotic Blend™

60 Capsules

Sweet Cures Probiotic Blend is a blend of 9 specially formulated probiotic strains, to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract after illness or antibiotic therapy. Easy to swallow, vegetarian safe capsules, supplied in two purse-sized dispensers per pack.


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Probiotic Blend Reviews

By Reevoo

Reevoo is an independent provider of verified and uncensored customer reviews. Each review is from a real customer, contacted for an honest opinion of the product and service provided by Sweet Cures.

4.5 / 5 | 199 Reviews
powered by Reevoo
Started using this product instead of my old blend, about a month ago and have found it definitely works. Highly recommended.
Confirmed purchase: 20 May 2018
Published on: 27 May 2018
It’s not dairy free. Could not use it. It made me sick 😢
Confirmed purchase: 11 May 2018
Published on: 18 May 2018
Norwich GB
Having repeated urine infections, I was recommended by my hospital consultant to start taking probiotics. Taking probiotic blend 2 daily and antibiotic at night has helped greatly
Confirmed purchase: 03 May 2018
Published on: 10 May 2018
Nantwich cheshire GB
I can reply personally that this product has helped me by keeping my digestive system in order and can be taken any time.The packaging is excellent for home and travel.
Confirmed purchase: 15 March 2018
Published on: 22 March 2018
Weymouth GB
Easy to use and store, works effectively.
Confirmed purchase: 14 March 2018
Published on: 21 March 2018
Reading GB
A good quality product that aids digestion and well being. delivered on time and with good packaging.
Confirmed purchase: 23 February 2018
Published on: 08 March 2018
Northern Ireland GB
Bought this product for my husband on the recommendation of a friend and I have to say it has worked wonders for him. No more reflux problems whatsoever! Highly recommend it!
Confirmed purchase: 10 February 2018
Published on: 18 February 2018
Derbyshire GB
Started taking this product after a course of antibiotics. For the first week felt bloated but fine now and feel so much better I take 2 a day with warm water and will continue to do so. Great product.
Confirmed purchase: 25 January 2018
Published on: 10 February 2018
Sheffield GB
I find the container difficult to open . Not good for arthritic hands
Confirmed purchase: 15 January 2018
Published on: 22 January 2018
London GB
I have used this product for quite some time in order to improve gut bacteria.
Confirmed purchase: 06 September 2017
Published on: 29 December 2017
Southwold GB
Easy to swallow and has definitely helped my digestion
Confirmed purchase: 02 December 2017
Published on: 09 December 2017
Southampton GB
Absolutely superb!After years of gp appointments and antibiotics I had virtually given up all hope, with constant uti symptoms bringing me down and too tired to get through the day and terrible junk food cravings...All now a thing of the past due to this product actually doing what it sayes!Thank god for ppl who really do care and bring out a top quality product such as this. ..It's realy changed my life and I look forward to a future once again.I can't thank enough in a world where I doubt most thingsThis one restored faith.Thank you SO MUCH.
Confirmed purchase: 04 November 2017
Published on: 15 November 2017
London GB
Not used this for very long so not sure how efficacious it is. But I shall continue and see. Thankyou
Confirmed purchase: 18 October 2017
Published on: 26 October 2017
Excellent product
Confirmed purchase: 01 October 2017
Published on: 26 October 2017
Teignmouth GB
Really helped my digestion return to normal after a course of antibiotics.
Confirmed purchase: 30 September 2017
Published on: 13 October 2017
Skipton GB
Excellent product I actually feel sharper (brainwise) the thing that worried me was that it would give me jip after I'd taken them but I don't notice it my gut loves it ! I'll defo be ordering regularly
Confirmed purchase: 30 September 2017
Published on: 07 October 2017
Pieterlen, Switzerland GB
I always had problems of getting sick all the time and stomach problems and, since a take the probiotics, I feel my inmune system is stronger and I don’t have the stomach problems I used to have. In overall it has helped me a lot in my health and do know is very important to always take probiotics iun a regular basis. I do recommend this product! You should really try it out.
Confirmed purchase: 29 September 2017
Published on: 07 October 2017
Scotland GB
This product has reduced feelings of bloating and indigestion
Confirmed purchase: 03 September 2017
Published on: 25 September 2017
Wimborne GB
As I use this with digestve enzymes, being senior and having had to have a proton pump inhibitor in the past, it helps the effectiveness of my digestion. This helps me to get more "value" out of my food.
Confirmed purchase: 05 September 2017
Published on: 17 September 2017
Burnham GB
This product has been beneficial to me following a course of antibiotics.
Confirmed purchase: 04 September 2017
Published on: 15 September 2017
Gerrards Cross GB
This product is easy to take and keeps my bodily functions regular.
Confirmed purchase: 08 September 2017
Published on: 15 September 2017
Chelmsford Essex GB
Only problem has been difficulty opening flip top lids. Have transferred to different container.
Confirmed purchase: 03 September 2017
Published on: 15 September 2017
Leeds GB
Good product. Seems to be working well.
Confirmed purchase: 05 September 2017
Published on: 13 September 2017
Ashbourne GB
Its great they don't have to be refrigerated! A tiny little healthy tummy powerhouse!Its a very handy container if you were carrying in handbag....but larger size might be more practical in cupboard! The flip top unfortunately is extremly stiff and I broke a nail trying to open hence previous comment!
Confirmed purchase: 05 September 2017
Published on: 13 September 2017
Carshalton GB
I have tummy problems and this probiotics have really help
Confirmed purchase: 04 September 2017
Published on: 13 September 2017
Liss GB
I find it easy to take, well packaged and easy to dispense. Delivery is always prompt usually next day, in well-designed packaging that fits my letterbox. Digestion has stabilised since taking SweetCures probiotic blend for many years now.
Confirmed purchase: 04 September 2017
Published on: 11 September 2017
Hertfordshire GB
Packaging has now been improved as previous packaging was very difficult to open
Confirmed purchase: 31 August 2017
Published on: 11 September 2017
Gloucestershire GB
Helped my IBS
Confirmed purchase: 03 September 2017
Published on: 10 September 2017
I have been taking this probiotic for a few years now. I started taking it after being on very strong antibiotics for a while, after taking the probiotics I began to feel a lot better. I take them every day to keep things ticking over. They work for me. I like the new packageing and the fact they can go through the letterbox and they don't have to be kept in the fridge now.
Confirmed purchase: 03 September 2017
Published on: 10 September 2017
Salford GB
I have tried other probiotics but these are so much better. I have felt fantastic since taking them and the fact that they do not need refrigerating is great as I never forget to take them as they are in my bag.
Confirmed purchase: 03 September 2017
Published on: 10 September 2017
Aylesbury GB
Feel better since using and they are so easy to use
Confirmed purchase: 03 September 2017
Published on: 10 September 2017
Excellent product, seems to have sorted out my problem, would recommend it.
Confirmed purchase: 03 September 2017
Published on: 10 September 2017
Don't think these have made much difference.Packaging not good. Could not re-close lids on either of 2 packages.
Confirmed purchase: 30 July 2017
Published on: 08 September 2017
Confirmed purchaser
The new packaging is an excellent idea however the container is very tricky to open. Not needing to refridgerate is an added bonus.
Confirmed purchase: 20 August 2017
Published on: 03 September 2017
Good news that the product no longer has to be kept in the fridge and packaging easier for travelling.
Confirmed purchase: 19 August 2017
Published on: 31 August 2017
Newtownabbey GB
I have tried many probiotics but these are my favourite, can actually feel the benefit of them.
Confirmed purchase: 11 August 2017
Published on: 22 August 2017
Malvern GB
Still one of the best probiotics available in the uk and yet I am disappointed that the original, better populated formula had been retained and this formula (which doesn't require refrigeration) was available as an alternative.
Confirmed purchase: 19 March 2017
Published on: 22 August 2017
Edinburgh GB
I couldn't live without the help I get from those tablets
Confirmed purchase: 03 August 2017
Published on: 11 August 2017
Shrewsbury GB
After endless antibiotics which had wrecked my digestion it has been restored to as it was before. Brilliant.
Confirmed purchase: 15 July 2017
Published on: 27 July 2017
Hampshire GB
Ideal to use especially if you have taken a course of antibiotics and also be before and during a holiday abroad.
Confirmed purchase: 17 July 2017
Published on: 27 July 2017
Sweden GB
Quite simply great probiotics! I take them often, especially whenever I've had no option but to take a course of antibiotics. It really feels like they help my body get back on tract again.
Confirmed purchase: 01 July 2017
Published on: 22 July 2017
Bath GB
I cannot yet rate the effectiveness of this product as I have only been taking it for a short while but I am very optimistic about it and pleased to have found a well-recommended probiotic.
Confirmed purchase: 04 July 2017
Published on: 16 July 2017
REALLY helped me, thank you Sweet Cures.
Confirmed purchase: 08 June 2017
Published on: 17 June 2017
have already started to feel normal again far beyyer than going to a doctor
Confirmed purchase: 01 June 2017
Published on: 08 June 2017
These have helped so much with my constant burning bladder sensation. I can now haves coffee again without being in agony!! I'm on my third lot of them and will not be stopping them anytime soon.
Confirmed purchase: 23 May 2017
Published on: 01 June 2017
Great after taking antibiotics to get your body back on track.
Confirmed purchase: 17 May 2017
Published on: 01 June 2017
Recommend this product highly. Not only does it sort out bowel movement but I have opened capsules and tipped the contents into milk and drunk it, sorting out throat ailments in the process. Candidiasis can run the entire length of the gastro-intestinal tract and these take care of that. Packaging flawless. Very happy customer.
Confirmed purchase: 21 May 2017
Published on: 28 May 2017
Onchan GB
Excellent product.! And company!
Confirmed purchase: 13 May 2017
Published on: 21 May 2017
Merseyside GB
Too soon to say not used product long enough
Confirmed purchase: 05 May 2017
Published on: 12 May 2017
Carlisle GB
I have been taking these probiotics for over a year now and I feel they really help with my stomach issues I think they are good value and would recommend
Confirmed purchase: 20 April 2017
Published on: 28 April 2017

Probiotic Blend Reviews

By Trust Pilot

Sweet Cures has now partnered with Trust Pilot for the collection of verified and uncensored customer reviews. As a much more recognised global brand, our international customers can now shop with more confidence.

*All customer reviews represent the personal opinion of the reviewer. Results may vary from person to person.

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Product Information

Category: Probiotics

SKU: 5060086380095

Contents: 60 Capsules

3 Billion Live Bacteria per Capsule

Recyclable Packaging

Use alongside Waterfall D-Mannose

Suitable for Vegetarians & Celiacs

Questions? Call +44 01904 789559

How to use Probiotics

For optimum gut support, take 1 to 2 capsules daily. Take 4 to 6 capsules daily for extra immune support, or when recovering from illness or after antibiotic use.

Recommended Maximum: 2 capsules, 4 - 6 times a day. The capsules can be taken with warm water, milk or your favourite beverage. Do not take with hot liquids as heat can kill bacteria.

Not suitable for children under 12.

Probiotic Benefits

Each Probiotic Blend capsule:

  • Provides 9 species of bacteria to support a healthy gut, including the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains which have been shown to alleviate IBS symptoms.
  • Increases the bio-availability of macro and micro nutrients, including Vitamins B, K, lactase, calcium, and essential fatty acids.
  • Supports the immune system's role in destroying viruses, fungi, pathogenic bacteria and parasites.
  • Supports antibody production including B-Lymphocytes and encourages availability of antigens, alpha-interferon and other related immune factors; these are powerful allies against infection.
  • Supports recovery from antibiotic use, restoring intestinal flora killed by antibiotics and restoring natural balance.
  • Helps with both constipation and diarrhoea which are often indicators of an imbalance in gut bacteria.
  • When the intestinal walls are coated with friendly bacteria, it provides a barrier to pathogens and supports the production of lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein that helps us obtain iron from the foods we eat and promotes healthy red blood cells.
  • Sweetens the breath by reducing yeast infections in the upper digestive tract and throat, especially Candida Albicans, the cause of Oral Thrush.

Always consult a dietician or doctor before taking probiotics, or if you are pregnant or taking prescription drugs. No information on this site is to be considered medical advice.


Each capsule contains:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum
  • Lactobacillus Casei
  • Lactococcus Lactis
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
  • Bifidobacterium Bifidum
  • Bifidobacterium Breve
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis
  • Streptococcus Thermophilus
  • Vegetarian capsule HMPC + inert titanium white

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG (LGG)

There are many products, including yogurts with active cultures that contain Lactobacillus acidophilus. While Lactobacillus acidophilus is advertised as a beneficial probiotic, it is not the same as Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG (LGG). Read the label carefully to be sure you're a getting a product that contains LGG. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus survives passage through the human gut to better support the body in overcoming both pathogens and parasites.


While Probiotics are believed to support a healthy lifestyle, please consult a dietician or doctor before taking probiotics if you are pregnant or taking prescription drugs.


  • Store in cool, dry place.
  • Always replace the lid tightly.
  • Use by Best Before End date.

Environmentally Safe Packaging

As an environmentally conscious manufacturer of quality products, Sweet Cures has long recognised the importance of sustainability in product packaging. Our ecologically friendly packaging and marketing materials are chemical free, biodegradable and recyclable (PP5), ensuring the well-being of future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are naturally occurring live bacteria that are available in certain foods. Fermented vegetables, sauerkraut and live yogurt are examples that we all know of. Probiotic means "promoting life", which suggests that they have a very important role in health because probiotics help to populate your gut with good bacteria.

Aren't Bacteria bad?

After decades of trying to kill bacteria with soap and antibiotics, we are coming to a greater understanding of the symbiotic relationship we have with bacteria in our bodies. While some make us sick, others play essential roles in digestion, human immunity and are even thought to produce chemicals that determine our moods. Around 100 trillion microorganisms and 500 different species live in every normal, healthy bowel. These microorganisms are not normally harmful. Quite the opposite in fact! Gut-dwelling bacteria keep pathogens (harmful microorganisms) in check and are essential to many digestive processes that enable us to absorb nutrients from food, and they are consequently at the very heart of immune function.

Are Probiotics good for IBS?

Although scientists aren't fully aware of the reasons yet, probiotics have been shown to alleviate IBS symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, and irregular bowel movements. The Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains, both included in the 9 strains found in Probiotic Blend, have been shown to be particularly beneficial. Both of these strains are also commonly found in yogurts.

How do Probiotics Work?

When gut bacteria become out of balance, for whatever reason, it would appear humans become out of balance too. In fact, our gut is populated in a delicately and regularly evolving kaleidoscope of gut bacteria: there are good bacteria, bad bacteria, and very bad bacteria and the situation changes according to diet, antibiotic use etc. When we have an imbalance and the bad bacteria are winning, we are more likely to become ill and even depressed (gut bacteria produce neurochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine that regulate basic psychological processes). It is now believed that the human gut needs to be diversely populated with a range of competing microbial inhabitants for us to be healthy.

When people first start taking probiotic supplements, there's a tendency to develop gas and bloating in the first few days. Apart from these temporary symptoms, probiotics are generally considered safe as part of a healthy diet. Some people however, should avoid probiotics either in foods or supplements, and they include people with weakened immune systems, or cancer patients. Speak to you doctor about any concerns.

What's the difference between Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria found in fermented foods such as yogurt and Kefir. Prebiotics are a special type of fibre that fertilize or feed the Probiotics once they've reached the large intestine. Foods such as Apples, Bananas, Onions, Garlic and Oats contain some fibre that passes through the small intestine undigested, reaching the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract where it begins to ferment. This fermentation process then nourishes the Probiotics that have reached the large intestine, helping them to multiply and enhance the beneficial effects.

Do I need Probiotics?

If you are struggling with digestive issues like constipation, diarrhoea, acid reflex, irritable bowel, or leaky gut, or you have had courses of antibiotics in the last 3-5 years, you may consider a probiotic supplement to support a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Can I source probiotics from food?

You can! Yoghurt, Kefir and Sauerkraut are excellent sources. A low-glycaemic, whole food diet that includes healthy proteins, fats and fibre, along with probiotics can improve the health of your gut significantly. Prebiotics are also highly useful non-digestible carbohydrates that provide food for friendly bacteria: food sources include beans, garlic, onions and leeks.

Will probiotics survive stomach acid and make it to the digestive tract?

Probiotics must survive in the acidic gastric environment if they are to reach the small intestine and colonize the host, thereby imparting their benefits. Lactobacillus species are considered intrinsically resistant to acid.

When is the best time to take a probiotic?

The best time to take probiotics is alongside your meals. Right before or just after the meal is best for getting the most out of our probiotics. By taking your probiotic with food you provide a buffering system for the supplement and aid its safe passage through the digestive tract. Taking alongside a healthy, high fibre meal provides the best chance of getting the most out of your probiotics.

What's the best storage method for probiotics?

In a cool, dark place or in the refrigerator, however refrigeration is not necessary with our standardised new product.

What are Probiotic Blend's capsules made from?

Our capsules are made from Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose. HPMC is used in both the pharmaceutical and supplement fields as a stable alternative to gelatin which is derived from animals and carries the risk of transmissible disease. HPMC is both FDA and EU (since 2011) approved as a food additive.

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Probiotic Blend - 60 Probiotic Capsules

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