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The Importance of a Thorough Urine Test.

As many people who suffer bladder or kidney health problems realise, it can be difficult to obtain accurate urine test results. But accuracy and detail can make the difference between becoming well in a very short time, or not at all! So especially in the case of complex infections, it is important to have your urine tested to a high standard that can identify the specific bacterial strains involved in the infection. In some cases this can take up to seven days, since urine samples need to be cultured and (if you choose the option) tested against a variety of antibiotics to discover which are most effective.

Just as importantly, if you are going to be taking antibiotics, it is essential to know the combination of antibiotics and lowest dose levels that will still be effective, to help minimise the harm and side-effects that may occur.

Below is a short list of doctors who have been recommended for the accuracy and detail of their urine testing. We should point out that Sweet Cures is not affiliated with any of the listed Doctors. We do not always agree with their remedy for the infection, since, we have been told, they tend to use standard allopathic treatments when there may be natural remedies that would work. Also please be aware that the testing and consultation fees can be expensive.

Miss Tamsin Greenwell

Miss Tamsin Greenwel Suite 401/2
Emblem House
London Bridge Hospital
27 Tooley Street

Tel: +44 020 7378 8512
London Bridge Hospital Website

Dr. Frederick Lim

Dr. Frederick Lim
26 Devonshire Place
W1g 6JE

Tel: +44 020 7487 3529
The London Clinic Website .

Dr. John Toth

2270 Bacon Street
CA 94520

Tel: +1 925 687 9447

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Anna's story

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