FAQ How to Shop at Sweet Cures

How to Shop with Sweet Cures

Is it safe to shop with Sweet-Cures?
How do I make a purchase at Sweet-Cures?
What forms of payment does Sweet-Cures accept?
Which currencies does Sweet-Cures accept?
How are payments made and are they secure?
Does Waterfall-Dd-Mannose.com use cookies, if so what for?
Ensure you always receive your email from Sweet Cures.

Is it safe to shop with Sweet-Cures?

Sweet-Cures has been established for almost 2 decades and has been trading online since 2003. We are available by phone +44 (0) 1904 789559 and by email and our dedicated support staff are happy to assist and advise customers.

Our website is secured by SSL encryption technology (all data transmission is encrypted on every page) and payments are handled by either the Royal Bank of Scotland's WorldPay , or PayPal 's Secure Payment Processing Gateways. No credit card information is ever seen, captured or transmitted by Sweet-Cures.

Our products are independently reviewed by TrustPilot and our customer satisfaction rating is among the highest in the Natural Health Care Industry thanks to our tens of thousands of satisfied customers and unrivaled customer support.

How do I make a purchase at Sweet-Cures?

Whether of Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or PC, shopping at Sweet-Cures is secure, fast and easy. All major browsers are supported. Please visit our Store to view our full range of quality products. Clicking the 'Add to Basket' button (shown below) will instantly add the selected product to your shopping cart, then display the contents of your shopping cart. You may then either close the cart to continue shopping or use the 'Checkout' button (shown below) to enter the Checkout area.

Signing up for an account is not necessary. Simply complete the order form and select your preferred method of Payment. You will then be redirected to your selected provider to complete the purchase.

Your selected payment provider will instantly notify us of the result and if you order before 5:20PM Monday - Friday, we'll pack and dispatch your order the same day ensuring you receive it as soon as possible.

What forms of payment does Sweet-Cures accept?

In addition to WorldPay and PayPal Sweet-Cures also accepts :

1. Phone Orders.

When ordering by phone, we process your order using the RBS WorldPay secure payment gateway, which accepts most credit and debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and JCB to be securely processed.

2. Postal Orders.

Please use our latest order form when ordering. Payment options available when ordering by post are cheque and debit or credit card. Please make cheques payable to Sweet Cures and include your full name and address on the reverse side of the cheque.

Which currencies does Sweet-Cures accept?

The Sweet-Cures website accepts and displays prices in the following currencies:




To select your preferred currency, from the top right of any page on our website, click the Flag icon to reveal the User Preferences Interface (UPI), then select your preferences and click Save. Your selections will be remembered during your current session as well as the next time you visit our website.

If using your credit card to pay for your order via the RBS WorldPay Payment Gateway, your card will be charged in your selected currency, ensuring no additional international currency conversion fees are charged by your bank.

In addition to the above listed currencies, both WorldPay and PayPal accept a wide range of currencies, allowing you to purchase and benefit from Sweet-Cures products from almost anywhere in the world.

How are payments made and are they secure?

All Sweet-Cures payments are processed by either the Royal Bank of Scotland's WorldPay , or PayPal 's Secure Payment Processing Gateways. At no stage does Sweet-Cures, capture, transmit or acquire credit card or payment account log in credentials.

Sweet-Cures does capture the information entered in our secure order form, such as email address and physical mailing address, which is stored in our secure database and is used:

1. To pre-populate the order form the next time an customer makes a purchase, if the customer can be securely identified.

2. Create a secure account for existing customers on our web server.

3. Store information pertaining to the order for the purposes of generating and retrieving invoices

To further enhance security, our entire website, including all forms and web pages, is secured using industry standard SSL/https security technology to encrypt all data transmission.

Does Waterfall-D-Mannose.com use cookies, if so what for?

Yes, please refer to our extensive cookie FAQ for detailed information.

Ensure you always receive your email from Sweet Cures.

To continue to receive our email directly to your inbox, please follow the simple instructions below on how to add email addresses to your address book, safe sender list, VIP list or whitelist.

Note: Even if you aren't currently experiencing problems receiving email from Sweet Cures, please follow the steps below to ensure that all email, including Order Receipts and our Monthly Newsletter, is received safely in your inbox.

Email Addresses we use to communicate with you:

customerservice@sweetcures.com - for all order receipts and answers to enquires.

email@sweet-cures.net - for our monthly newsletter, which contains all the latest Sweet Cures research, information and offers.

Why two email addresses?

We use two email addresses so that purchase receipts are unaffected by opting out of our monthly newsletter.

Apple Mail (OS X and iSO devices)

Open an email you have received from us and click the "From: Sweet Cures" link then select "Add to Contacts", or "Add to VIPs".

Both "Add to Contacts" and "Add to VIPs" will result in future email being placed in the inbox. The "Add to VIPs" option will also see the email added to a special VIP mailbox in iOS Mail.

Outlook 2003 & Outlook.com

View,in full, an email we've sent you and right click on the contact name and email address. This should appear as "Sweet Cures <customerservice@sweetcures.com>". Select "Add to Favourites", all future email will appear in the inbox.

Yahoo! Mail

Open an email message and click the "+" that appears on the right of the "From" name. This should appear as "From Sweet Cures +" A pop up screen should appear, on this pop up click "Save"


Gmail automatically categorises all received email into 3 main categories; Primary, Social and Promotions. Occasionally Gmail can incorrectly categorise email or even place them in the junk folder. If an email ends up in an incorrect folder simply, drag the email to the Primary folder. If successful an alert will confirm the move "This conversation has been moved to Primary. Do this for all future messages from customerservice@sweetcures.com?" Select "Yes". Selecting "Yes" will ensure all future email will appear in the Primary folder.

Android Mail

On Android devices, open the email and touch the image of the sender which appears above the main email content. Touch "Add to Contacts"

Windows Live Desktop Mail

When opening an email, an alert may read: "Some images in this message are not shown" - Select the link, "Add to safe Senders list". If this message doesn't appear, right click on the "from" details "Sweet Cures (customerservice@sweetcures.com)" and click "Add to safe Senders List".

AOL Mail

Open an email and from the preview pane select the senders from name "Sweet Cures customerservice@sweetcures.com" - below the email subject line. Select "Add Contact" from the drop down menu.

Others / Company Email

If you're using a company email or an unlisted third party email provider and are having issues receiving email, please contact the associated technical department and ask them to whitelist the addresses: customerservice@sweetcures.com and email@sweet-cures.net