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D'Mannose Powder

Reevoo Reviews

Waterfall D-Mannose®

50g Powder Flat Pack

Waterfall D-Mannose supports a Healthy Bladder. Our powdered variety can easily be mixed with a drink such as tea or juice. Supplied in a resealable flat pack that will fit through your letterbox.


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Waterfall D-Mannose Product Awards

Product Information

Gluten Free

Suitable for Vegetarians

100% Natural & Bioactive DMannose

Discreet Packaging

All Packaging Recyclable

SKU: 5060086380026

Weight: 50g Powder

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How to use D-Mannose Powder

Take 2-3 grams (1 heaped teaspoon) Waterfall D'Mannose every 3 hours for more urgent support. 2 grams (1 heaped teaspoon) before sleep provides daily support.

Take as much of it as you need either for urgent support, or maintenance. Gradually reduce intake when required support is reached.

Seek medical help if symptoms are not improving.

Monitor your urine's pH using our Urine Test Strips . Results available within seconds in the privacy of your own home. Urine pH can be increased from acid to alkaline by changing your diet.

Customer Feedback and Independent Reviews

Our customers have sent us thousands of their own personal stories by email and by post. We have also employed Reevoo, an independent reviewer, to collect and publish uncensored reviews from verified customers.

Kelly - Cystitis since I was 16

*I have been using Waterfall D'Mannose for the past 6 weeks and It has really been a miracle.
Kelly - email

Kat - Cranberry Pills

*I couldn't believe it, I am now on one maintenance dose before I go to bed at night...
Kat Whelan - email

Reevoo Reviews

*All customer reviews represent the personal opinion of the reviewer. Sweet-Cures makes no guarantee on product effectiveness. Results may vary from person to person. All products are sold and intended to be used as Dietary Supplements. Nothing on this page is meant to constitute medical advice.

D-Mannose Side Effects

None known.


Pure Bio-Active D-Mannose. No artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.


  • May contain traces of nut.
  • Always consult a doctor if you have a health problem or are considering taking any supplement alongside prescription drugs.
  • Always replace the lid tightly.
  • Use by Best Before End date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reveal All FAQs

Why do people use Food Supplements?

When we have been ill or unable to eat a diet that is nutritious and varied, supplements are generally considered useful to bridge that gap. And while supplements are never intended to replace a healthy diet or replace diagnosis and treatment from a qualified medical doctor, dietary supplements are widely considered to be beneficial and are often used daily as an adjunct to a healthy life style. Some examples are calcium and vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C and Multi Vitamins, B complex, Probiotics, Iron Supplements, Glucosamine and so on, just in the same way you may be prescribed HRT or B12 injections when insufficiency has been identified. Food supplements are derived from food sources but usually provide a greater source or concentrate of what is desired at any given time.

D-mannose, for example, is already found in small quantities in fruits such as peaches, pineapple, apples, oranges, and berries and it is even found in some of the cells in your body, including the cells of the urinary tract to which Escherichia coli attaches and colonises.

This "attachment" involves an interesting protein called the Tamm-Horsfall protein, a glycoprotein that is synthesised by the epithelial cells to help create an anti-adherence "defence". It is thought that some people lack THP or it is at a low level with the result that conversely adherence may be increased.

Why is there so much confusion about using D-Mannose?

One reason is because purity varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our D-Mannose is 100% contaminant free, pure bio-active D-Mannose.

What exactly is Waterfall D'Mannose ?

It is not a herbal product, but a monosaccharide isomer of glucose, a food supplement naturally produced without using solvents. We only use the best mannose available and produce a product that is certified 100% contaminant free.

What is the theory behind Waterfall D'Mannose ?

Waterfall D'Mannose supports a healthy bladder by providing bio-available mannose to the urine. People with a naturally healthy bladder usually have sufficient mannose in their urine. Some people may not have enough. Supplementing your diet with additional mannose may be a natural way to help maintain a healthy bladder. Ingested mannose all leaves the body within 4 hours. We get hundreds of customers every month thanking us for Waterfall D'Mannose .

Are the Waterfall D'Mannose tablets as effective as the powder?

Yes. You just swallow the tablets with a drink instead of dissolving them in water. And they are just as good value. Waterfall D'Mannose tablets carry the unique Waterfall D'Mannose stamp. This is your guarantee of purity and safety with 1000mg of pure D Mannose powder in every tablet. Our new biodegradable packaging fits through the letter box. Our new flip top pocket-sized handy packs ensure discretion and convenience when you are away from home.

Is Waterfall D'Mannose safe, even when taking large doses?

To the very best of our knowledge D-Mannose is completely safe - but always do your own research and discuss with a medical professional. Mannose is an essential glyconutrient, a food supplement rather than a medicine. It is already in every cell in your body, and your body produces mannose naturally, just as we produce vitamins like C and D. Mannose is also present in minute quantities in some foods like blueberries, pineapple, and Aloe Vera.

What's a good way to determine how much Waterfall D'Mannose to take?

Everyone is different, so our information on our product suggests between 1 and 24 tablets a day on your individual requirements. Please see a doctor if there is no improvement within 24 hours.

Is Waterfall D'Mannose safe for babies and pregnant mothers?

To the very best of our knowledge, Waterfall D'Mannose is safe for everyone. Pure D-mannose is an essential glyconutrient. Waterfall D Mannose is an isomer of glucose, not glucose, so is not metabolized to any discernible extent. Your doctor or health care advisor will appreciate this fact. It is generally considered safer than white sugar, or drug therapy.

However, although we have gained a lot of experience about our products since 2003 when we began, we are not medically qualified, nor can we take in to account individual circumstances. For these reasons, we strongly advise that people should always consult their doctor before changing medical treatments, or starting on any alternative remedy or drug, especially when pregnant. Explaining the following may help you and your doctor make a decision:

  • Waterfall D'Mannose is an isomer of glucose, not glucose.
  • It is naturally manufactured from plant sources without chemicals.
  • It is certified free of any contaminants.
  • It is already present already in almost every body cell.
  • The tablets do not contain a list of unwanted excipients: they are produced by pressure.

Can the product be used on animals?

We supply to vets for cats, dogs, and horses, because it works well for animals. The effect is dose related, so you have to give Waterfall D'Mannose proportionally according to the animal's weight. Please see our D-Mannose Pet product.

Do you always have large quantities of Waterfall D'Mannose in stock?


When will you dispatch my order?

Same day, Monday - Friday, for all orders placed before 5:30pm, by Free First Class post, Special Delivery, or Courier. We match the delivery to your needs. You can order Special Delivery up to 5:20pm, Monday to Friday.

I am a satisfied user of your product. Do you have any special offers?

Yes, there are always savings available when multiple units are bought. We also have offers in our newsletters.

What other benefits could there be from taking Waterfall D'Mannose ?

Mannose is an essential glyconutrient and something your body needs for optimum health, just as it needs a certain amount of vitamins, protein, etc.

Should I be concerned that vegetable magnesium stearate is used in the tablet form of Waterfall D'Mannose ?

It has been pointed out that one-half bar of milk chocolate has approximately 1,283 mg of stearic acid. A half bar of chocolate, to give a comparison, has in fact 2000 times more than is found in one tablet of Waterfall D'Mannose .

What does the D in D-Mannose stand for?

The D in d-mannose does not refer to dextra, which means sugar. Although seeing the D in front of a product name does generally indicate that the product is a sugar, and generally a monosaccharide. However, D before mannose actually refers to the D orientation of the sugar molecule.

For example, in D-glucose and L-glucose, the D and L prefixes are used with monosaccharides, to differentiate stereoisomers that are mirror-images of each other.

In the Fischer projection the D and L prefixes specify the configuration at the carbon atom that is second from bottom: D if the hydroxyl is on the right side, and L if it is on the left side. In 1890, Fischer established the stereo chemical nature and isomeric properties of the sugars, and eventually established the stereo chemical configuration of all the known sugars.

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