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Infection Free


brooke - infection free

Thank you so much for sending Brooke your D-Mannose (magic powder). Her Antibiotics have been reduced as you suggested and so far she has been infection free. Both her appetite and energy levels have improved.

Thanks you once again.

Kath Woodhouse (Nanny)

Repeated Antibiotics


Christine - Repeated Antibiotics

I am just pleased to broadcast the benefits of your product when and where I can and cannot understand why the medics are not advocating this for their patients. One of the leading hospitals told me, after biopsy, that there was nothing they could suggest but repeated antibiotics.

It must be very frustrating for you knowing you have a good product but sufferers are not getting to hear about it. To say each day and night was a misery for me before I discovered Waterfall D-Mannose is not an exaggeration.


Persistent Infections


Eve - Persistent Infections

Waterfall D-Mannose is a brilliant product! I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody who suffers from cystitis.

It works, especially in the case of persistent infections, like nothing else does and the fact that one does not have to resort to antibiotics (which don’t cure the problem anyway) is a huge relief. I always have some in the house, which is just as well because now I even have to hand it out to the neighbours! It is a very rare to find a healthcare product which lives up to all its claims but Waterfall D-Mannose does exactly that!


Prompt and Efficient


Jean - Prompt and Efficient

This is to say many, many thanks for sending my precious tub of Waterfall D-Mannose so quickly. I ordered it last Friday - it arrived Saturday morning and as you expected I was feeling well enough to attend an important family occasion on Sunday - absolutely no problems. I could not believe it.

Since the beginning of this week I have been reducing the dose and have not had a twinge! As I have not had the problem for some years I shall keep a few spoonfuls in reserve in case there is a next time - when I shall be on the phone without delay.

What a relief to know that this wonderful product has been discovered and many thanks to you for being so prompt and efficient - I shall promote it whenever appropriate.

Jean Poole - Hatfield, Herts.

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Anna's story

Anna's Story

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