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60 x 800mg Tablets

Diabetrose ® Weightloss Tablets ® 36 Tablets

Diabetrose for simple, safe weight control. Made with pure L Arabinose: 100% natural food supplement, no artificial chemicals, healthy and simple aid to controlling blood sugar and gradually losing weight.



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Product Information

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SKU: 5060086380217

Weight: 60 x 800mg Tablets

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How to use Diabetrose

2-3 Diabetrose tablets before each meal is an easy way to keep sugar levels stable and maintain a healthy weight.

Gradually getting blood-sugar levels under control returns the body to natural balance, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

The discreet packaging means it is easy to carry Diabetrose with you and use unnoticed. Use Diabetrose before meals as part of a healthy way to inhibit sugar “spikes” and control weight naturally.

Use responsibly and consult a doctor before making changes to any medical, dietary, or exercise regime.

Stabilising Sugar Levels and Weight Loss

Certain rare sugars called monosaccharides can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Most people have heard of using glucosamine for healthy joints, as the name would suggest, it is also a sugar. But other sugars have vital functions too - the effects of L Arabinose, a glyconutrient, on stabilising sugar levels and helping with weight loss is well documented in clinical studies worldwide.

When the body realises it is not going to need the glycogen we already have stored in our liver, it converts that excess glycogen into fat for long-term storage. This is believed to be a significant cause of obesity. Breaking the fat storage cycle keeps sugar levels in check and simply and safely aids weight loss. Diabetrose breaks the vicious cycle that excessive sugar and fad diets create.

Customers report beneficial changes within a few weeks, if not sooner...

Reevoo Reviews


People who take Diabetrose regularly in the recommended way before each meal report that:

  • They gradually lose their ‘sweet tooth’.
  • They no longer need to snack between meals.
  • When they do get hungry, the hungry feeling develops gradually, rather than the ‘must-eat-right-now’ syndrome that affects people who are on the slippery slope to obesity and/or Diabetes Type II.
  • They stop getting a sugar rush when they eat, and it takes longer before hunger pangs develop.
  • They have steadier and longer-lasting natural energy levels.
  • They no longer get that overwhelming feeling of exhaustion within 20 - 30 minutes of eating.
  • Incidentally, having stable energy levels allows people to take more exercise without getting exhausted, and that in itself brings many health benefits.


L-Arabinose 83% Trehalose 17%. Micro cellulose film coating (vegetable origin) less than 0.1g per tablet. No artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.

Additional Information

L-Arabinose: studies show that L Arabinose suppresses the glycaemic response after sucrose ingestion.

Trehalose: is known to elicit a very low insulin response and provide sustained energy.


Diabetrose is made from a pure, natural healthy sugar, L-Arabinose, similar in structure to the better known d-mannose, and glucosamine. As with d-mannose (the lack of which may cause bladder problems) and glucosamine, (the lack of which may cause joint and tendon problems), L-Arabinose may be lacking in the modern diet. This could cause all sorts of metabolic problems, chiefly related to blood-sugar regulation and the tendency for people with poor blood-sugar control to put on weight. As a simple part of the normal healthy diet, Diabetrose is perfectly safe, and there are no known contraindications. Best not to take Diabetrose if your need is to gain weight.

Always replace the lid tightly. Do not use after the Best Before End date.

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