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Product Reviews D'Mannose Reviews

D-Mannose Reviews & Customer Stories

Our entire range of Products has hundreds of unbiased, independent TrustPilot Reviews submitted by real customers.

Tasneem's Story

Tasneem - I was skeptical

I was skeptical about this product saw it a few months ago when 4 weeks of Different antibiotics failed to clear cystitias and ended up with yet another kidney infection - another 3 months out of my life-then got cystitis at Easter weekend and was frantic because of lockdown -2 weeks of antibiotics didn't work as lab showed resistance and another week of one which helped - but knew it hadn't completely cleared - could not bare another week of antibiotics so decided to try this - it's amazing I wish I had known about this years ago instead of suffering and ruining my Body with antibiotics for weeks on end and 4 kidney infections over the last 5 years - misery and anxiety and weeks of wasted time being ill - I will continue taking it as a preventative and will see how it works to keep infections away. I never was really convinced until I was in dispair and finally tried it!! Don't wait that long -


Joe the Dog's Story

Joe (The Dog) D-Mannose for Dogs

I have just ordered another supply of Waterfall D-Mannose - not for me or my wife, but our dog. The vet said that his kidneys were failing because of the antibiotics he was on for a bladder infection, and only had a few weeks left in him at the beginning of october 2006. He is now more lively than before and it has stopped his incontinance. Thank you for such a wonderful product. By the way our dog is 14 years old.

Note from Anna - there is a sad P.S. to this message that arrived in June:

I am sorry to have to tell you that we have lost Joe; not from the complaint that we were treating with Waterfall D-Mannose , but from a huge unrelated tumour.

We are glad to have been able to help to make Joe's last months more comfortable. Anna

Kim's Story

Kim - Allergic to everything

Eleven years ago I became allergic to everything. Although I have improved with natural health care, I am still confined to my home and cannot visit a doctor or take in any chemical medications or have any foods that have chemical residue on them.

One year ago I contracted my first UTI. It was a real dilemma for me as I cannot receive medical care. Having exhausted all the wonderful natural remedies that are available, but to no avail, I searched the Internet and found Sweet Cures .

Not only am I able to tolerate the Waterfall D-Mannose with no adverse reactions, it keeps my bladder healthy and I believe it prevented the infection from moving to my kidneys.

I am humbly grateful for Anna's company and their compassion for the very, very sick.

Kim Merkle

Lauren's Story

Lauren - Continued to Improve

In this day and age, where everybody seems only to focus on profit, it is amazingly refreshing to find people who care - god bless you. Anna, you have been a real star we really, really appreciate your help. We are pleased to report that Lauren has continued to improve. She is currently on 2 or 3 half spoons a day (mixed into her water). We will keep in touch.

Ian, Allison & Lauren xxx

Sarah's Story

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Sarah - Roaring UTI

My name is Sarah Leslie. I am a continence nurse always looking for something magic to use in my field. Recently on a holiday in Europe with my step children I experienced the wonder of Waterfall D-Mannose . My stepson had a roaring UTI. A lady at the function said to me I have a bottle of this powder, but I have never used it before, but try it if you like - apparently it works. *Amazing... within an hour symptoms were gone.

I continued the supplement, amazing result. In all my years of continence nursing never have I found such a product. I would love to be a supplier here in Perth W.A. and if you at present don't have an agent in Australia I would be happy to market the product over here.

Sarah Leslie

Michelle's Story

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Michelle - Ultrasound & Blood Tests

*I just wanted to write you a message to say THANK YOU for Completely changing my life!!!!! You spoke to myself and my fiancĂ© at great length while I was suffering an enormous attack which had lasted 4 or 5 days already. We were at the end of our tethers and, my fiancĂ© decided to take matters into his own hands and do some internet research. I’ve been on various antibiotics for 8 years with absolutely no relief whatsoever! I’ve had ultrasound scans, various blood tests... all sorts... all to no avail! Phill found your website on the internet and we’ve not looked back since! We (especially ME) were VERY sceptical about this apparent miracle cure having tried absolutely EVERYTHING over the last 8 years, it all seemed too good to be true.

Reading the testimonials on your website I realised that it was the first time I had ever been able to relate to anyone with regards to the infections I’d experienced since I was a teenager - the cranberry juice exacerbating the situation instead of bringing relief, the endless nights sitting in a bath or sleeping on the loo... that was ME!! So we gave it a try, and ever since taking Waterfall D-Mannose I have been infection free until last night when I was hit very hard by an attack which, after taking Waterfall D-Mannose was GONE within 2 hours!

*To everyone out there who have suffered nights spent on the toilet or in the bath just to have some temporary relief; who’ve been passed from pillar to post by doctors who have no idea what they are doing; who will tell you to drink cranberry juice (which made me MUCH MUCH worse) and take escalating strengths of antibiotics - TRY THIS!!! IT does work!!! I can hardly believe I’ve actually found an answer to this problem - it’s been going on forever! We’re getting married in May and one of my worries was that I may have an attack on my wedding night... for obvious reasons... I’m not worried anymore! Waterfall D-Mannose will be a permanent fixture in my handbag from now on! Thank you so much Anna - you deserve a medal!

Michelle Titmuss and Phill Holmes. xxx

Nat's Story

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Natalie - Resistance to Antibiotics

Thanks for info and quick response, I have ordered some more powder now and will get tabs in Feb.

Just wanted to say thanks to you both for the excellent service you offer, I used to suffer on a monthly basis from cystitis attacks and frequently on antibiotics. I grew up a large resistance too them and then suffered a couple of kidney infections - one I was in hospital with.

(Touch wood!) Waterfall D-Mannose has worked very well for me so that I haven't had to have antibiotics in the past 2.5 years!

Many thanks


Penny's Story

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Penny - Cystitis Cure

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your service and product are excellent. My package arrived on Monday mid morning, and by lunchtime, I was feeling an awful lot better. By Thursday I was almost symptom free. I don't think I had been taking enough or with enough frequency at first.

My husband also managed to get some at Sherlock Holmes Chemist In Baker street London, and this half a tub is guarded preciously in my cabinet, just in case. I overheard someone in Tescos asking about cystitis cures and just had to butt in and write down your product for them! I've told many friends also. I wish you well.

Penny Roberts

Brooke' Story

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brooke - infection free

Thank you so much for sending Brooke your D-Mannose. Her Antibiotics have been reduced as you suggested and so far she has been infection free. Both her appetite and energy levels have improved.

Thanks you once again.

Kath Woodhouse (Nanny)

Christine's Story

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Christine - Repeated Antibiotics

I am just pleased to broadcast the benefits of your product when and where I can and cannot understand why the medics are not advocating this for their patients. One of the leading hospitals told me, after biopsy, that there was nothing they could suggest but repeated antibiotics.

It must be very frustrating for you knowing you have a good product but sufferers are not getting to hear about it. To say each day and night was a misery for me before I discovered Waterfall D-Mannose is not an exaggeration.


Eve's Story

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Eve - Persistent Infections

Waterfall D-Mannose is a brilliant product! I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody who suffers from cystitis.

*It works, especially in the case of persistent infections, like nothing else does and the fact that one does not have to resort to antibiotics (which don’t cure the problem anyway) is a huge relief. I always have some in the house, which is just as well because now I even have to hand it out to the neighbours! It is a very rare to find a healthcare product which lives up to all its claims but Waterfall D-Mannose does exactly that!


Jean's Story

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Jean - Prompt and Efficient

This is to say many, many thanks for sending my precious tub of Waterfall D-Mannose so quickly. I ordered it last Friday - it arrived Saturday morning and as you expected I was feeling well enough to attend an important family occasion on Sunday - absolutely no problems. I could not believe it.

Since the beginning of this week I have been reducing the dose and have not had a twinge! As I have not had the problem for some years I shall keep a few spoonfuls in reserve in case there is a next time - when I shall be on the phone without delay.

What a relief to know that this wonderful product has been discovered and many thanks to you for being so prompt and efficient - I shall promote it whenever appropriate.

Jean Poole - Hatfield, Herts.

Brian's Story

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Brian Roberts - Paraplegic Race Car Driver & Biking World Record Holder made possible by D'Mannose

Just want to say a Big thanks to the guys @ Sweet Cures for the Free D-Mannose Lemon powder to trial to add to my daily water input... it's made a big impact especially in this very hot weather of late! And thanks Anna for the chat... always friendly and has time to discuss and provide emails with different options regarding UTI prevention etc.

Hi my name is Brian Roberts and I had a road traffic accident on my motorbike over 20 years ago. I catheterise 4 times daily and have been suffering with frequent Urine Infection since the injury. Been taking a lot of antibiotics over the years to clear until I was introduced to Waterfall D-Mannose and it's changed my life... I was getting bad UTI's monthly and was bed bound for days, with no energy to get up let alone getting on with my daily life!

I now take 2 Waterfall D-Mannose tablets a night before bed and now the Lemon D-Mannose powder in my daily water intake as part of my daily medication every day ... I now have my energy back .... I can finally plan and go out, do my racing without getting up in the morning hoping I'm healthy enough to get on with the day!

Ok sometimes UTI's get the better of me and I feel weak but as soon as I feel one coming on I simply up the dose to 2 tablets 3 times daily ... drink a lot of water and in a matter of days they have gone. Previously I would have been to the Dr and been prescribed a course of antibiotics!

I only wish Waterfall D-Mannose was prescribed by the NHS as I'm only in receipt of disability income support and it's taking a big chunk of by benefit ... but quality and purity matter when it comes to health. And what price can you put on being healthy and being able to go out live your life and get on with your goals and in my own case, I wouldn't have been able to be a World Record holder without the help of Sweet Cures & Waterfall D-Mannose!

Brian Roberts

Jul 12th, 2018

T8 Complete Paraplegic. Car Racing Driver. 4X Down Hill Gravity Biking World Record Holder.

Brian won the Snowdon Push race and represented Wales in Para-Badminton, winning 2 Silver medals along with championship level karting and he was the very first person to be granted a Motorsport Association licence to compete at British Championship level!

To find out more about Brian and his outstanding and inspirational sporting achievements:

Building a Quad Bike
Brian-Roberts-Motorsport Facebook
Brian's Official Site

Hilary's Story


I just wanted to thank you for this amazing product. I've been prone to bladder infections for 25 years - they have greatly impacted my life and created so much misery and anxiety over the years. Like many other people I felt I had no choice but to use antibiotics to get rid of the infections. I'm sure many women will relate to that horrible lonely anxious feeling of sitting on the loo while everyone else is asleep, waiting for things to get worse while drinking gallons of water and wondering how quickly you can get to see the doctor!

*This product has changed things COMPLETELY for me. Apart from being pain-free, I feel so much more confident. I don't have to take harmful antibiotics, I don't need a doctor - I just need to make sure that I've always got my magic pills to hand!

I will be telling my doctor all about this when I next see her Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you've done for me and other women out there. This product is truly a life-saver.


Mar 08th, 2017

John's Story


Following a cystectomy operation with ileal conduit formation for bladder cancer in 1995, occasional UTI's over the years had been managed with antibiotic treatment. However, in 2015 I developed one which urine culture showed E. coli bacteria present. After 6 months of antibiotic (trimethoprim) treatment my urine still had an unpleasant odour and I was referred to a consultant urological surgeon by which time I had been taking antibiotics for a further 2 months. A CT scan prior to the appointment indicated no major problems and following a discussion of options available, he recommended that I stopped taking the antibiotic and start a course of Waterfall D-Mannose .

It was apparent that my E. coli bacteria had developed a resistance to antibiotics. I'm pleased to report now that I am now free of the awful odour and on a maintenance regime.


Feb 12th, 2017

Julie's Story


I would just like to say a big Thank you regarding the wonderful Waterfall D-Mannose . I have been having the tablets for a couple of years now after discovering you by accident on the internet. I have been a sufferer of interstitial cystitis & bladder infections for the last 10 years. I am post-menopausal 13 years now, so from the age of 45 I have suffered a great deal of pain to the point where my marriage of 23 years has nearly ended several times. In all that time after seeing several different Doctors & god knows how many antibiotics later, the infection still kept rearing it's ugly head, to the point where I was sent to see a Urologist who recommended a Cystoscopy. The consultant said that I would not get anymore infections if I kept my fluid intake up. Needless to say within the week I had another infection which turned out to be so bad I was taken into hospital again & put on intravenous antibiotics. This worked for 6 months then the infection was back I was beside myself & by that point suffering badly with depression even thinking why me! So I was then put on a daily course for 3 months with a review every 3 months of 1 a day of amoxycillin for 1 month, then trimethroprim for the following month 1 daily then 1 daily of flucloxicillin needless to say they didn't work either. I drank water till it came out of every crevice, cranberry juice all to no avail. I am now allergic to penicillin & all those above antibiotics don't work now.

I now love the Waterfall D-Mannose to the point I like to keep them in my bag wherever I go. I make sure I always have them with me, just in case I get that familiar niggle.

Best wishes always,


Aug 08th, 2016

Sarah's Story


It was suggested to me by my MS Nurse to try Sweet Cures D-Mannose for my bladder issues. I had tried a prescription drug, that made no difference and I was reluctant to try another prescription drug.

I ordered the d-mannose tablets which arrived the next morning, impressive. I have been taking the tablets for a few weeks and the difference has been amazing, I was suffering from many urine infections, I had many courses of trimethoprim but never felt like the infection had fully gone and within days, foul smelling urine would start, stinging, urgency, often bleeding etc. I am also sleeping better as I am often going through the night until 5-6 am to visit the loo. It has made such a difference to me. Life with Multiple Sclerosis is a challenge, it is a relief to feel in control again with my bladder. I really hope it continues to work for me. I haven't noticed any side effects at all. I will be ordering again soon.


May 21st, 2016

*All customer reviews represent the personal opinion of the reviewer. Results may vary from person to person.

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