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25 March 2020
Norma Crumpton
This really works for my Millie's struvite propensity. I would not like to be without it and the customer service is the best I've encountered online shopping!!
20 February 2020
Gail Baker
This product has stopped my 8yr old border collie from having regular kidney infections
3 February 2020
Ms Sally Mealing-Mcleod
Excellent service & product.
Joe the Dog's Story

I have just ordered another supply of Waterfall D-Mannose - not for me or my wife, but our dog. The vet said that his kidneys were failing because of the antibiotics he was on for a bladder infection, and only had a few weeks left in him at the beginning of october 2006. He is now more lively than before and it has stopped his incontinance. Thank you for such a wonderful product. By the way our dog is 14 years old.

Note from Anna - there is a sad P.S. to this message that arrived in June:

I am sorry to have to tell you that we have lost Joe; not from the complaint that we were treating with Waterfall D-Mannose, but from a huge unrelated tumour.

We are glad to have been able to help to make Joe's last months more comfortable. Anna

4 April 2019
Catherine Carter
17 February 2019
We were paying our vets good money to try and cure 'spotting' by our Mini labradoodle and not happy with the Metacam(?) asone of our previous dogs had had stomach problems after taking a course of it' A friend, a retired vet check out whether D Mannose produced an animal variant - you did and half a teaspoon a day, after the initial dosage, cleared the problem and three years on our friends use it on their dogs = and the adult version sorts bad cases of cystitis out! Win, Win!
Kings Lynn GB
They worked and antibiotics and the vet was avoided. Powder in the water was easier as tablets were not always swallowed.
24 May 2018
Perth, WA GB
I've used the human version for years with good results. When my beautiful girl dog seemed to be having some issues, I thought I'd try her on it and it seems to be helping her.
15 May 2018
Redcar GB
Bought this product for my cat who suffers with stress related cystitis..followed the instructions on the tub and I can only say one thing"fantastic!"My cat was showing signs of improvement within the first 48hrs,Will definitely be buying again
23 March 2018
Rotherham GB
My spaniel had numerous bouts of cystitis, treated with antibiotics, but the cystitis kept recurring. Did some research and found D-Mannose for pets. I give her a small amount each day and I’m really pleased to say that she hasn’t had cystitis again. I am very grateful for this product as it has saved my spaniel from a great deal of discomfort and myself a great deal of worry. Thank you once again
25 March 2018
Yate, bristol GB
This has saved me an absolute fortune at vets. Worked within 3 days. Brilliant.
22 February 2018
Evansville GB
I have recently begun using this powder, for my cat, who has UTIs and painful inflammation. I am hoping it will prevent anymore occurrence.
01 February 2018
Hoddesdon GB
Excellent product! I have used this effectively for my dog when suffering from cystitis. Good dosage information on the packaging. I generally put in a small amount of water and powder with a little milk to encourage him to drink immediately. Recommended for people and pets alike!
21 October 2017
Newton Abbot GB
Two days on initial high dose worked, brilliant, now on two small doses per day and no sign of problem, and no £60 urine tests!
24 September 2017
Wigan GB
Worked a treat for my cat.
30 August 2017
Im amazed, i think it worked and saved costly vet visits and nasty antibiotics for my dog, brilliant!
18 March 2017

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