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D-Mannose Powder for Pets - 50 Grams
D-Mannose for Pets
D-Mannose Pet Powder - 50Grams

D'Mannose Pet®

50 gram Powder Tub

Safe and effective non-antibiotic treatment for Pet Cystitis and UTIs. For rapid relief add a small amount to pet's drinking water. Suitable for most animals.


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D'Mannose for Pets Reviews - By Reevoo

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Overall Rating: 9.1
15 Reviews
out of 10
Yate, bristol GB
This has saved me an absolute fortune at vets. Worked within 3 days. Brilliant.
Confirmed purchase: 22 February 2018
Published on: 02 March 2018
out of 10
Evansville GB
I have recently begun using this powder, for my cat, who has UTIs and painful inflammation. I am hoping it will prevent anymore occurrence.
Confirmed purchase: 01 February 2018
Published on: 10 February 2018
out of 10
Hoddesdon GB
Excellent product! I have used this effectively for my dog when suffering from cystitis. Good dosage information on the packaging. I generally put in a small amount of water and powder with a little milk to encourage him to drink immediately. Recommended for people and pets alike!
Confirmed purchase: 21 October 2017
Published on: 28 October 2017
out of 10
Newton Abbot GB
Two days on initial high dose worked, brilliant, now on two small doses per day and no sign of problem, and no £60 urine tests!
Confirmed purchase: 24 September 2017
Published on: 07 October 2017
out of 10
Wigan GB
Worked a treat for my cat.
Confirmed purchase: 30 August 2017
Published on: 08 September 2017
out of 10
Im amazed, i think it worked and saved costly vet visits and nasty antibiotics for my dog, brilliant!
Confirmed purchase: 18 March 2017
Published on: 25 March 2017
out of 10
Cornwall GB
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 26 January 2018
Published on: 06 February 2018
out of 10
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 08 November 2017
Published on: 19 November 2017
out of 10
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 07 October 2017
Published on: 14 October 2017
out of 10
Florida GB
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 24 December 2016
Published on: 02 February 2017
out of 10
Lostwithiel GB
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 12 December 2016
Published on: 14 January 2017
out of 10
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 22 September 2016
Published on: 30 September 2016
out of 10
Dalgety bay GB
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 22 June 2016
Published on: 29 June 2016
out of 10
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 12 June 2016
Published on: 19 June 2016
out of 10
Hertford GB
Reviewer left no comment
Confirmed purchase: 18 May 2016
Published on: 31 May 2016

*All customer reviews represent the personal opinion of the reviewer. Results may vary from person to person.

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Product Information

Category: Food Supplement

Suitable for Pets

SKU: 5060086380224

Weight: 50g Powder

Recyclable Packaging

100% Natural D'Mannose

Questions? Call +44 01904 789559

Clinical Signs of Cystitis in Pets

  • Blood in urine (Haematuria).
  • Frequent uriniation with small amount of urine produced (pollakiuria).
  • Straining (dysuria).
  • Discomfort and Pain.
  • General restlessness.
  • Cloudy urine.
  • Recurring infection symptoms.

How to use D'Mannose Pet

D'Mannose Pet is a safe and natural home remedy, available without prescription, for the rapid relief of Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infection in Pets. It works by flushing the bacteria causing the infection out of the Urinary System.

For an Established Infection

A level teaspoonful (approx. 1gm) for small dogs, every 2-3 hours with water or sprinkled over food. Approximately 2gms for a medium sized dog, and 3gms for large dogs.

Prophylactic Dosage / Preventative Measure

A daily dose of approximately 1 gram of D'Mannose Powder for every 10KG of body weight.

Seek veterinary help if symptoms are not improving.

What kind of pets respond to D'Mannose?

D'Mannose is a completely safe and natural nutritional supplement already present in every animal, including humans. Mannose is a non-essential nutrient, meaning it can be produced by our own bodies. It is safe for both long and short term use in all animals, including: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.

What causes Cystitis in Cats and Dogs?

The vast majority of Feline cystitis and Canine cystitis, as in Humans, is caused by the E.Coli strain of bacteria. And as with humans, cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) and Urinary Tract Infection is more prevalent in both female cats and dogs, than in males. Cat Cystitis is sometimes referred to as "Crystals" because of the appearance of microscopic crystal like particles that form in the urine. If left untreated, the crystals can develop into life-threatening bladder stones. An alkalising diet will help maintain alkaline urine which is believed to help prevent the formation of crystals. Testing the pH of your cat's or dog's urine can be done with regular UTI test strips.

Further Information

Our D'Mannose is:

  • 100% Natural D'Mannose.
  • 100% Bioactive.
  • Trusted Worldwide by thousands - See our Customer Stories here.
  • Normally received the next day.
  • Supported by an unrivalled customer service team with over 10 years experience.


D'Mannose. No additives, colorings or flavorings.


  • Consult a Veterinarian if your pet is taking any medication.
  • Always replace the lid tightly.
  • Use by Best Before End date.

D Mannose is not a Diuretic

Diuretics in any form, cause the body to lose more water than it normally would by inhibiting the kidney's ability to absorb sodium. This increases the production of urine, resulting in less water retainion. Diuretics should only be used only under medical supervision.

Environmentally Safe Packaging

As an environmentally conscious manufacturer of quality products, Sweet Cures has long recognised the importance of sustainability in product packaging. Our ecologically friendly packaging and marketing materials are chemical free, biodegradable and recyclable (PP5), ensuring the well-being of future generations.

D-Mannose Specialists

Sweet Cures stocks the widest variety of D-Mannose products available on the market today. We pioneered the fusion of Natural Lemon and D'Mannose resulting in an improved flavor while providing additional bladder support by alkalizing urine. We are a UK manufacturer producing only the highest quality, pure and contaminant free D-Mannose in our on-site clean-room facilities. Our stringent quality control procedures and exceptional customer service ensure you're receiving a product you can trust and the after-sales service you may need.

Still have questions? Ask us here.

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D-Mannose Powder for Pets - 50 Grams
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Anna’s Story

Sweet Cures’ Anna talks about her years long battle with cystitis and how she finally overcame it.

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Anna's story

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