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Cystitis, UTIs, and Medicine


Despite the best efforts of medical researchers, doctors, and urologists, as most people with cystitis or repeat UTI infections have become aware of, they don't have all the answers. In some cases they don't have any real answers, because standard allopathic treatment may make matters worse. In other cases medical professionals become experts in one field or procedure, and may unintentionally favour that method of treatment, and have blind-spots to others.

Antibiotic Resistance

While it's not your doctor's fault that bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, it might be your doctor's fault that he or she has not explored the alternatives. Most antibiotics have well-known side-effects, and less well-known side-effects that may affect a sizable minority of patients. Fluoroquinolene-based antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin, are known to affect the joints, bones,tendons, and muscles, but few people are aware that the muscles that may be affected include the heart, and the muscles of the eye. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are not a good idea except as a last resort, but are commonly used on bladder infections and UTIs before having the urine properly cultured and the bacteria tested for susceptibility to narrow-spectrum combinations. This almost invariably assists the bacteria involved to build resistance. Once a broad-spectrum antibiotic has failed, a narrow-spectrum antibiotic or combination is unlikely to be able to kill the bacteria.

Potential Side Effects

Meanwhile the bacteria gain in strength, colony size, and extent of invasion. From what may have initially been a simple urethral infection the bladder becomes infected. From a bladder infection the kidneys (and in men, often, the prostate) become infected. And from that point on, things get worse. It's very hard for antibiotics to completely get rid of kidney infections, so people end up in hospital getting intravenous doses of antibiotics. In a lot of cases this will do the job, but the side-effects can be devastating. And if the infection, as so often happens, returns, it's probably going to take more antibiotics next time. Eventually, if the patient is continually taken down this route, one or both kidneys may be damaged, sometimes beyond repair.

The worst of the matter, we believe, is that this treatment is often entirely unnecessary. Huge feedback from thousands of customers shows that a pleasant to take dose of Waterfall D-Mannose® , at the first hint of infection, usually stops it in its tracks. Starting in the middle of a full-blown infection, its takes more to stop the infection, but in a day or two, it's usually gone. After lots of antibiotics, and recurrent infections,you need to take even more , but in a few days, it's gone, and a maintenance dose daily usually prevents further attacks.

And when you know that's the case, and there are a lot of people suffering unnecessarily, you get a lot of motivation to change things.


Case in point, Stefan Paolicchi and Penny Roberts, We can't do better than to let them say it in their own words...

Dear Anna, Do you remember? I am Stefano Paolicchi, from Pisa (Italy), on the wheelchair, with spinal cord injury, with intermittent catheterization, and recurring urinary tract infections, forced to an overuse of antibiotics that created antibiotic-resistant strains. Using Waterfall D-Mannose , I reported finally significant improvement. Now, I take every day your d-mannose as cure preventive and I have convinced also other paraplegics to take it. Thank you very much for the great aid that you have given to me with SAN MANNOSIO [Saint Mannose].

Dear Anna, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your service and product are excellent. My package arrived on Monday mid morning, and by lunchtime, I was feeling an awful lot better. By Thursday I was almost symptom free. I don't think I had been taking enough or with enough frequency at first. My husband also managed to get some at Sherlock Holmes Chemist In Baker street London, and this half a tub is guarded preciously in my cabinet, just in case. I overheard someone in Tescos asking about cystitis cures and just had to butt in and write down your product for them!!!! I've told many friends also. I wish you well.

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Anna's story

Anna's Story

Sweet Cures ’ Anna talks about her battle with cystitis. Read More

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