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UTI in Men

Men's Toilet Door

Most people realise that females suffer from urinary tract infections, but not many people realise that UTI in males is not uncommon. For the reason that it is rarer amongst men, doctors tend to treat UTI in men more seriously although the infections are just as serious for women.

Urinary infections in both men and women are generally caused by the same bacteria - mostly E.Coli and Klebsiella or similar gram-negative bacteria, and they generally cause infection by the same route - the bacteria get up the urethra into the urinary tract or bladder during or after sexual activity. Obviously this is also a route for viral or fungal infections too, although these are far less common.

While many women realise the importance of personal hygiene, and of getting up after sex and urinating and washing the vaginal area, men are not always so careful. But when you think about the matter, it’s clearly as important for men to prevent UTI as it is for women. Men just think it will never happen to them, but about one in five men do at some time or other get a urinary tract infection.

Here’s how to prevent it happening to you.

  1. Prepare for sex by washing your genital area carefully.
  2. Use a condom.
  3. Ensure that your partner is as clean as you are. Both of you should shower before sex.
  4. Get up immediately after sex and urinate. The male urethra is normally sterile and fairly dry, so it’s difficult for bacteria to make their way up the urethra. However, after sex, seminal residues can remain that make it easy for bacteria to swim up the urethra.


Think carefully before having anal sex - the risks of fecal contamination to yourself and the subsequent risk of male UTI with multiple strains of bacteria are much higher. Another point to bear in mind is that anal incontinence is often a non-pleasant result of anal sex. This is true whether your partner is a man or a woman.

When all of the precautions above have failed, and you are affected by male UTI (which is just to say that you are a man and you have developed a urinary infection), the treatment is the same as for a woman. You can go to the doctor and he/she will prescribe antibiotics, which may or may not work. If you have an antibiotic-resistant infection you may decide to look for a natural answer to the infection, and use D-Mannose , which quickly solves male UTI in most cases.

The important thing is to deal with the problem immediately. If you allow a urinary tract infection to go on for any time without treatment it can spread to the prostate, and to the kidneys, as well as causing a considerable amount of pain, and being more difficult to get under control.

During treatment, either with antibiotics or D-Mannose , refrain from further sex, and wait until you are sure you are completely clear before resuming.

You may wish to take a couple of 1 gram D-Mannose tablets before sexual intercourse as a maintenance, and use Probiotic Blend to build your immune system, to help you avoid recurrence of the UTI.

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