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The Interests of Sweet Cures


The interests of Sweet Cures have gradually evolved since our early years. At first we were totally focused on one thing, D-Mannose for bladder health, and for the first few years that’s all we did. But as we learned more about cystitis and the importance of healthy mucous linings, and the confusion surrounding treatment of interstitial cystitis, we gradually began to realise just how much bladder health and total body health are related.

Our Products

Consequently, we introduced other products that are designed to be complementary to each other in ways that contribute to whole body health with each product bringing additional benefits.

We have come to believe, like Naturopaths, that good health is a natural thing that everyone should enjoy, and that by helping the body to get back to a state of balance, health problems are alleviated or disappear altogether.

So how does that state of natural health come about? Well, most of us are born with natural health, but

  • We live in unnatural environments, and eat unnatural foods that are sometimes contaminated with superbugs.
  • We eat toxic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and irradiated and/or genetically modified ingredients along with our food and drink.
  • We sometimes expose ourselves to pharmaceutical drugs with artificially created chemical molecules that can have severe and damaging long-term effects.
  • We breathe contaminated air and drink contaminated and often recycled chlorinated and worse, fluorinated water.
  • In addition to all that we have to combat the natural pathogens and parasites that have evolved and compete alongside us over the last few million years of our genetic history.

Sounds like it would be impossible to overcome all these negative factors, doesn’t it? Basically, that’s why not many people understand how to regain natural health. As far as researchers are concerned, there are just too many variables in the equation, including inherited factors and unknown environmental influences to ever understand it.

Our own approach is much simpler: you can find out what is needed for a particular health problem by, for the most part, common sense.

Health begins with a healthy gut.

Toxins, medicines, and antibiotics kill off normal gut flora and can allow pathogens to take over. One of the most effective ways to fight bugs is with other bugs. By totally out-competing the pathogens with multiple billions of tough friendly bacteria we can repopulate the gut with troops that will fight parasites, fungi, and pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and help restore a normal immune system.

With the immune system working as it should, we become less prone to all kinds of infections and health problems. The bonus is that in return for giving them food and lodgings, friendly bacteria manufacture the enzymes we need to digest food properly and extract micronutrients, essential minerals and vitamins, for natural health. We have very good reasons for believing that quality Probiotics with live bacteria are an essential aid to good long-term health. Sweet Cures Probiotic Blend contains Lactobacillus Rhamnosus which has been proven to stimulate antibody production, including B-Lymphocytes, and encourages availability of antigens, alpha-interferon and other important immune factors, giving you powerful allies against infection.

Healthy Sugars that Heal in Nature

Most people realize the importance of getting a good balance of vitamins and minerals in their diet. We at Sweet Cures realized some years ago that the modern diet lacks some essential sugars that are needed for proper functioning. While the common sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose are ‘empty’ calories that are known to contribute to obesity and diabetes, Sweet Cures range of healthy sugars are all important and natural foods for animals that still live nomadic lifestyles in the wild.

These animals rarely contract modern diseases we humans are prone to with our modern lifestyles. They naturally consume a certain amount of earth with their food, so they have healthy guts. They also consume a huge variety of fruits, roots, leaves and other vegetable matter, providing them with plenty of naturally produced Xylose and Xylitol. So they're less likely to have bad teeth or mouth ulcers, and are more likely have bones that are much denser and tougher than those of us leading ‘civilised’ lives. They also get plenty of High Energy D-Ribose , l-arabinose and healthy fats in their diet from seeds, nuts, and wild grasses. So diseases like ME, CFS, and long-term muscle fatigue are almost unknown amongst them, as is diabetes. The wild mushrooms, other fungi, fruits and leaves they eat also provide plenty of natural D'Mannose, meaning that cystitis is almost unknown.

Antibiotics - the magic bullet?

Oil of oregano contains two powerful compounds of carvacrol and thymol that have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

We do not follow a natural diet and no matter how healthy our lifestyle is, some pathogen or parasite is likely to get through our natural defences. The modern approach, developed over the last 75 years or so, is to treat with antibiotics. The fatal flaw in this approach is that the bacteria may rapidly develop resistance to antibiotics, and proliferate in more dangerous forms. Viruses and fungal infections like Candida, together with hook-worm and other parasites, are not in the least affected by anit-biotics. In fact, giving antibiotics for a non-bacterial infection is considered by many to be counter-productive. Because the friendly bacteria in the gut are killed off, and are no longer able to manufacture natural beta-interferon, which is our most powerful natural defence against all pathogens.

At Sweet Cures , we realised that another approach was needed. So we looked at what people did before antibiotics became available. Because we are all survivors of eons of evolution, when our ancestors managed to at least live long enough to reproduce utilising natural remedies for the things that went wrong with them. The one thing that came up time and time again was the antimicrobial and anti-pathogenic qualities of Oregano. The history of the use of Oregano goes back until it gets lost in prehistory. It is mentioned by Hippocrates, and there are references to oregano tea and possibly oil recorded on the ancient pyramids in Egypt.

Anyone can make oregano tea by infusing the fresh or dried leaves, and its healing properties are so astounding that it was considered a magic herb. After drinking the tea, if infused at a high strength, worms and other parasites would be ejected via the normal exit routes and the remaining tea leaves could be used to help heal wounds and infections. Those who knew about the use of oregano could successfully treat wounds that would kill most others.

When distillation techniques came into use around two and a half thousand years ago, the concentrated oil of oregano proved even more effective than the infused liquid, and so began the modern history of Oil of Oregano.

At Sweet Cures , we sourced our wild oregano oil off the coast of the Mediterranean, where the powerful medicinal herb has been hand-picked for as long as people can remember. Distillation techniques passed down through generations produce the strongest fully organic oregano oil. This is mixed with just enough organic extra virgin olive oil to make it safe to handle and suitable for oral use. For internal infections or parasites, a few drops can be taken three or four times a day mixed with regular milk, coconut milk or soya.

For skin conditions it should be diluted. One teaspoon of Wild Oregano Oil C80 to half a cup of coconut oil or olive oil. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive tissues! Wash hands thoroughly after use.

Customer Feedback

The following customer feedback hints at its many uses:

Just thought I'd update you. I mixed some oregano oil with my son's regular emollient and spread it over his molluscum spots. He did say it was burning a bit but it wasn't too uncomfortable. The next day the molluscum spots had gone very red and had nearly black coloured scabs over them. The spots were mostly on his left arm and his waist on the left. Alarmingly the next day he also had a painful lymph node in the axilla on that side. However, we could see by the end of that day that it looked as if the contents of the spots (to put it nicely) had been sort of burnt out and they resembled healing chicken pox. The morning after this they looked a lot less red and the gland had gone down. Neither the gland nor the spots bothered him after that. Since then one new spot appeared but it was on his scrotum. After watching it turn yellow, he agreed to have the oregano on it - it was extra diluted this time, just one drop in a thimbleful of cream and it didn't burn (phew!). This spot has now gone down and the others continue to heal (beyond the scab phase now, just pink marks). It's the first time for a long time that he has had no "live" spots but obviously we don't know whether he will carry on making new ones. He should at some point win over the virus, but that can take at least 18 months. I'm hoping without any spots to scratch (and spread the virus to other broken skin), that it'll at least contain it. I'm also hoping that the strong reaction when we blasted the spots with oregano fired up his immune system enough to put a stop to it altogether. Well, we'll wait and see. At least now we have something that knocks it on the head - too early to say it's a complete cure, but I wanted to report back.

I've also been taking the oregano for my bladder and I think it's helped a lot with the pain. Either that or it spontaneously cleared up at the same time. Hmmm. I think not. Again, bit soon to say but bladder behaving normally for now. I'm having 2 drops twice a day. Tried it in goat's milk - bleah. Tried it in water - heartburn. Tried it with honey - sticks to your mouth and burns. Tried it in soya milk - went down ok. The biggest thing I noticed was that my wee was very different - really is like "passing water". Hadn't realised I had a little bit of stinging or even just a feeling of 'heat' when I went, until I started the oregano and had no sensation of anything except the flow! And that's the case even if there's very little in my bladder (before bed or going out wees!!). Oh - I suppose somehow neutralising the wee is probably what's stopped the bladder pain?

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Anna's story

Anna’s Story

Sweet Cures’ Anna talks about her years long battle with cystitis and how she finally overcame it.

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