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EHEC and E:0157 E.Coli

Artistic impression of E.Coli

Here at Sweet Cures we are always distressed by the deaths associated with E.Coli and the E:0157 strain that is very antibiotic-resistant. Antibiotics are used to try to save the lives of sufferers but do not always work and people are dying.

A few months ago one of our customers told us he had been taken into hospital with E.Coli septicaemia - blood poisoning from E:0157 coli getting into his bloodstream via a kidney infection. This is the same problem that kills a lot of children every year in hospitals throughout the world. His doctors told him that his chances of survival were not good. However, he got hold of D-Mannose and started taking it in very large doses. Within a couple of days the blood-poisoning disappeared and he was released from hospital to the amazement of his doctors.

However, his doctor told him that at his age, (mid 80s) if he got another episode of E:0157 septicaemia it would kill him.

A couple of months later, he got E:0157 septicaemia again - this time from a wound infection. The old and young are particularly vulnerable to these infections. Again, he was taken into hospital very ill, and again he started taking the D-Mannose , again at very high levels. A few days later he was released again, perfectly well.

This tells us that giving the D-Mannose a try against enterohaemorrhagic E.Coli infections is of value. It’s not possible to totally predict the success of trying it against unknown strains of E.Coli, but it has been shown to work against many strains.

The enterohaemorrhagic Ecoli (EHEC) possess a sequence variation within the mannose-binding pocket of FimH, suggesting a naturally occurring mechanism of attenuation in EHEC bacteria.

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