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EEC Regulations and Pharmaceutical Company Pressure

Regulations imposed on natural supplements.

Recently Anna was talking to a trader who had to pull half her remedies off the shelves as a result of EEC regulations concerning herbal medicine. So people are going into the shop for that one thing they use to stop their migraines, control their blood pressure, stop that nasty rash, get keep their IBS under control etc. and the trader has to tell them the product is no longer sold.

It is commonly suggested that home remedies being regulated and controlled by the EEC is a result of huge pressure from big pharmaceutical companies. They want to prevent people getting better without drugs, for the obvious reason that they will sell more drugs as a result. This abhorrent strategy is happening at a huge cost of lives. While we totally support regulation for all food products, natural or otherwise, we are also conversant with some facts: home remedies are by their nature safer than drugs and rarely if ever cause serious problems; at the same time thousands of people are admitted to hospital every day as a direct and indirect result of taking prescribed drugs.

For most health problems there are natural remedies, and our legacy of successfully using natural remedies goes back to pre-history. We live in the age of information, and anyone can find out how to use natural remedies to self-cure. How did it come to be that the people we voted for are making laws that say that shops are not allowed to sell things that people have been using safely for thousands of years? In trying to protect people, are we losing thousands of years of knowledge.

People need to take action to protect themselves and their children before it’s too late.

The truth is that it is the toxic products that need to be far more strictly monitored. They are damaging and killing too many people every year.

Please join the Alliance for Natural Health , while it’s still possible for there to be such a thing...

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