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Blood in Urine

Blood in the Urine - Usually no need to be frightened!

Blood appearing in the urine can be alarming, but most of the time the causes are fairly innocuous. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the mistaken association that people often make after eating beetroot, which colours the urine red...

Brightness of Healing

The Brightness of Healing - By Elspeth Scott

Over the years we have actively encouraged our customers to help each other, by sharing their stories of success or to suggest useful tips that we can include on the website. One of the latest Emails we received is as follows...

Cranberry Juice prevention for cystitis?

Cranberry Juice May Not Prevent Cystitis

One of the first well intentioned pieces of advice that is passed on to women who develop UTIs is that cranberry juice helps cystitis.

According to a study published in the January 2011 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases, this is unfortunately not the case...

cystitis and overactive bladder foundation - cob fountation

Cystitis and Overactive Bladder Foundation Article

We are proud to announce that we appeared in the recent Cystitis and Overactive Bladder Foundation magazine “A Wee Ray of Hope”...

Cystitis Relief

Cystitis Relief

Getting diagnosed with cystitis can be frightening, because of all the unknown factors involved, but it has to be remembered that ‘cystitis’ is just a name for a group of symptoms that usually start because of a urinary tract infection...

Cystitis Symptoms

Cystitis Symptoms

The “itis” in Cystitis literally means inflammation, and in this case inflammation of the bladder; its usual cause is a urine infection....

What does the D in DMannose stand for?

What does the D in D-Mannose stand for?

The D in d-mannose does not refer to ‘dextra’, meaning ‘sugar’, although seeing the ‘d-’ in front of a product name does generally indicate that the product is a sugar...

Does Dmannose Work?

Does Dmannose Work?

We’ve had quite a few customers complete our very brief online survey on their use of Waterfall D-Mannose , and we are very pleased with the results so far...

Fluorquinolones - The Dangers

Fluoroquinolones - What are the dangers?

Fluoroquinolones are medicines that kill bacteria or prevent their growth. As you will be aware, there is a growing concern about the effects of Fluoroquinolones on the human body...

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Anna's story

Anna's Story

Sweet Cures ’ Anna talks about her battle with cystitis. Read More

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