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interstitial cystitis symptoms

Interstitial Cystitis Symptoms

Interstitial Cystitis (IC), also known as Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS) or Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS), is a name that is given, amongst others to describe the frequency, urgency, pressure and/or bladder pain that some people experience on an ongoing basis for many years...

jan de vries sunday post

Jan de Vries, the Sunday Post, UK

A Wonderful Remedy for Bladder Problems

An article authored by Jan de Vries and published in the Sunday Post, UK.

kidney infections and bladder infections

Kidneys, Bladder, Water Infections, and Ecoli.

Water infections, also known as urinary tract infections and or cystitis affect both men and women. Water infections cause suffering to millions of people each year and range from a mildly uncomfortable episode to a life threatening condition...

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coconut milk

Thrush and Coconut Milk

Hi Anna, I just wanted to send you the details as discussed about how I used coconut milk to help with some of my problems. I have suffered on and off from thrush since I was young and following your advice in the summer I think I have sorted out the problem...

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urinary frequency

Urinary Frequency

Sometimes, even after an infection has cleared up, there can be a residual problem of urinary frequency. In other words, no cystitis pain or burning, but just a need to urinate rather more often than is comfortable or convenient...

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utis male

UTIs in Men

Most people realise that females suffer from urinary tract infections, but not many people realise that UTI in males is not uncommon. For the reason that it is rarer amongst men...

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water infection

Do you have a Water Infection?

The doctor, a friend, an article in a magazine etc. will talk about your possibly having a water infection and if you have never experienced bladder problems before you may not fully understand what a water infection is....

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ecoli infection

EHEC and E:0157 E.Coli

Here at Sweet Cures we are always distressed by the deaths associated with E.Coli and the E: 0157 strain that is very antibiotic-resistant. Antibiotics are used to try to save the lives of sufferers but do not always work and people are dying....

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Anna Sawkins, Sweet Cures Founder

Anna’s Story

Sweet Cures’ Anna talks about her years long battle with cystitis and how she finally overcame it.

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Anna Sawkins, Sweet Cures Founder

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